Abscondo Podcast #92: Coping with world events
No idol stands in your way; rather, it is the idea that the idol has power which is the block.

Personal liberty is required for life to have meaning

What is our purpose? Are we nothing more than a cog in a system? Are we here to follow the rules of the system, to withhold honesty, to obey authority, and to be exploited so that others in positions of power can live in unimaginable luxury? No.

We are each a unique genetic mutation, born to express ourselves fully so that the universe can learn. While we are fundamentally all the same and connected as one through consciousness, it is also true that the experience of being human is very different for each of us. It is through that different experience, and our different reactions to that experience, that we bring value.

No moment that I have experienced is the same as your moments. No perspective is identical, because the way we perceive the present moment is at least partially influenced by the accumulation of everything we have experienced throughout life. We are also influenced by our different personality types, different cultures, tastes, and so much more. To the extent that we bring a different perspective to the body of knowledge, our lives are successful.

Personal liberty is everything—a fundamental requirement for life to have meaning. When we are guaranteed human rights such as freedom of speech and assembly—when the exercise of free will is permitted in society—only then can we fulfill our natural function.

To accept conformity and forced obedience is to accept death, itself. It is the denial of the very purpose and meaning of life. Oppression must never be accepted for any reason. Love is the miracle that unlocks life’s full potential. Love sets us free, nourishes us with energy, inspires us to express ourselves, to serve, and to create.

Enjoy the miracle unfolding in the present world. Will that the forces of darkness, corruption, and oppression be gone and do not doubt the renewed path of love and freedom before you.

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