The laws that held you prisoner to pain and death must be forgotten. (A Course in Miracles)
Abscondo Podcast #92: Coping with world events

Now is the time to look within, just as you look plainly on the ugliest of external truths

Those of us following the real current events know that things are slowly starting to go kinetic. My role is not to make predictions or to report on current events. But as the war between the Great Reset forces and the Great Awakening forces intensifies (as shit gets real in the coming days and weeks), my intention is to provide emotional and spiritual support.

None of this is about past or future. Furthermore, there is nothing to be afraid of. If we place our full faith in love as the answer to any challenge and the response to any situation…if we want the truth and accept reality…we can remain calm and safe even during the storm.

For current updates on world events during this time, I recommend looking to sources like and other discussion forums where you can find Patriots. It is important to know what is happening out there, but we cannot become obsessed with external events as the source of our internal joy, safety, and calm. You are safe in eternity and, aligned with love, you will also experience safety and abundance in this life.

If the Internet will be working during the storm, I will be doing more posts, talks, and podcasts. The best place to find me is at I will also be regularly going live on any platform that is operational.

Now is the time to look within, just as you look plainly on the ugliest of external truths. Allow illusions to be shattered, darkness to be revealed, and light to heal the world. It is a process of undoing ego that is unfolding now and will continue into the foreseeable future. It is a beautiful time to be alive and I hope to join you on this journey.