Personal liberty is required for life to have meaning
You are the keystone because only the free individual is capable of truth

No idol stands in your way; rather, it is the idea that the idol has power which is the block.

The mind chases idols—always seeking something external or material as a condition for happiness. If we could only have this, experience that, or if this would work out in the right way, then we can finally be happy. Most people spend their whole lives this way, never quite attaining any lasting happiness or joy.

Even when we do succeed in conquering an idol, or when something works out perfectly, a mind that chases idols is never happy. There are always more thoughts and stories of other, new problems or needs…and other external, seemingly impossible solutions.

The problem with chasing idols is the very idea that some specific, external thing will complete you. How can one thing satisfy you when your soul longs for everything? Is belief in idols not the giving away of your power—as a perfect being who is already whole and complete—to something that is beyond your control? Are you not diminishing yourself and becoming lost in littleness—a victim at the mercy of some external thing that is seen as more real than you?

I don’t need more money to celebrate life.
I don’t need the right political situation to be free.
I don’t need more luxury to feel comfortable.
I don’t need to impress anyone for my life to matter.
All love and joy is within, and all the happiness in the universe is mine each day I have at least one other person who joins with me fully.

A Course in Miracles says, “It is never the idol that you want. But what you think it offers you, you want indeed and have the right to ask for.”

Do you want to live fearlessly, to feel joy, to fall madly in love, to experience thrills, to feel inspired, to express yourself fully, to enjoy or create something beautiful? No idol stands in your way; rather, it is the idea that the idol has power which is the block.