You are the keystone because only the free individual is capable of truth
This is no time for despair!

Just because something is happening doesn’t mean it is real

I know that the battle is raging, yet I am not afraid. My eyes see the insanity, my mind understands it, yet I know that none of it is real. Reality is not today’s news, nor the opinions, nor the endless threats made against all that is good. Reality has to do with God’s permanent order, which is beyond threat.

These wars over resources, bodies and minds, and territories are the doomed conquests of those who have forgotten that all physical form changes. Those who battle in this dimension sacrifice everything for temporary illusions of grandeur at best. The outcome is always defeat, and it is always only a question of how long it takes the people to awaken.

The world’s purpose is to make us believe that the illusions made to control us are real. If we first believe that something has real power, we immediately become fearful. Only under the spell of fear are we conquered and enslaved. Our reality is entirely up to us.

We are divine spirit / consciousness—not physical bodies and minds to be conquered. When we withdraw attention from man-made illusions, when we recognize the entire realm of physical form as meaningless—then we remember joy as our natural state, love as everything, and safety as eternal.

That which is unreal has no power over me. Any fearful reaction offers me no protection; rather, is the only problem. My power and safety is in truth. To stand firm in joy and love, I forgive those who know not what they do. I rest safely in a position of strength while the enemy is destroyed by chasing their own illusions.