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Why are most people unwilling to see the truth?

If you are like most people, you might sometimes avoid the truth to protect yourself emotionally. To stop anything from ruining your mood, you avoid difficult topics and conversations. In the short term, this seems to work. In the long term, you suffer more.

Avoiding the truth is like hearing strange sounds in the basement but deciding not to go down and check it out. While you put off that terrifying moment of confronting your worst fear; your lower-level suffering will only nag you until you deal with it.

Normal people go through life afraid and in the dark. When talking to loved ones, they claim to want honesty—then respond by harshly judging, or even punishing the person for giving it. They claim to want to stay informed about world events, yet are only willing to consider the usual, corporate, mainstream sources of information deemed safe by authority. While all this is done to protect emotions, it has the opposite effect.

Now important aspects of your relationships are hidden. The other party suffers. Your closeness is undermined. You are losing the person. This approach causes toxic and eventually broken relationships by undermining the basic conditions required for a strong relationship.

Also, in the state of not wanting the truth, significant world events are completely misunderstood. Everything seems senseless and chaotic. Worse yet, you are allowing terrible things to happen in the world because you don’t want to know about it. Massive crimes are committed, people suffer the consequences, and only because most people don’t want the truth.

All the while, the ones in the dark suffer more than the ones who know.

The life experience of a truth-seeker is superior. We ask for total honesty and openness in our relationships and never punish anyone for giving it. We seek to know what is really happening in the world. We entertain conspiracy theories while rejecting the ones that don’t make sense. We look at who is funding what, who a person works for, what is their track record, why are they doing this or saying that. We come to our own conclusions—which we are always willing to change with new information.

By wanting the truth, being honest, and accepting reality, you suffer far less. Suffering lives in the darkness. Those who want the truth shine light on darkness. When this happens, reality is understood, things are in the open, and the problems are dealt with. All the while, there is little confusion. You know what is going on, what is likely to happen, and what you are going to do about it when it does. You handle your emotions ahead of time and are prepared to confront situations as they arise.

This Great Awakening is happening because more people have decided to want truth. This changes things so fundamentally that the criminals who have been running the world can no longer operate. The darkness is vanishing. To end suffering in our lives and in the world, we need to be honest and want truth—even the ugly truth.  


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