How can we forgive the fraud, the lies, the oppression, and everything that has been done to us?
It is a fundamental error to believe that deception can defeat the truth

Truth has no agenda

This is exactly it. Truth is. It is beyond debate.

No one needs to agree with the truth for it to remain true.

It needs no defense, but for healing to occur it must be revealed.

Just give me the truth! Let me help reveal it.

When brought into the light, even ugly truth is instantly corrected and has no power.

How does this happen? Through love, our true identity, the energy of life, itself.

Truth, honesty, love, beauty, God--it is all one and the same. This is reality.

To bend the truth at all, ever, is to reject reality. Agenda is of the ego, and it is always an error.

I choose to live in truth and honesty, believing in no agenda, feeling to need to manipulate. This total diminishment of my false identity allows the reveal of my real one.


*Image repost from David Fishman (@dovpeace) on Instagram