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Trump and the Art of War

Below is a repost of a must read article written in June, 2020 by Yasuhiko Genku Kimura


This I have said and written many times since late 2016. Those who have not studied Sun Tzu’s The Art of War (孫子兵法) can never fully understand Trump and his way. Richard Feynman said, “What I cannot create, I do not understand.” Trump’s understanding of (military) strategy is on the level of its original creator. That is the reason that Trump has consistently outwitted the Chinese elite in the art of (political and trade) war. All of them studied and are adept at 孫子兵法 and The Thirty-Six Stratagem (三十六計) but Trump has been consistently more creative and innovative in the application of the art.

“Warfare is one thing. It is a Philosophy/Tao of Deception (情者詭道也).” Trump characterizes himself as “wartime president”, and he applies the “Philosophy/Tao of Deception (詭道)” extremely skillfully and effectively. This means that nothing is what it appears to be. He reveals neither his strategy beforehand nor his strategic execution while a strategy is executed. The only people who really know are those who are actually involved in the execution of his strategy. Even then, they only know the part in which they are directly involved.

Virtually everyone looks at the surface appearances and criticizes him for this or that, not knowing or forgetting that Trump is strategically far smarter than they and that he has the intelligence/information which they do not and cannot have due to its classified nature. I am a member of an informal group of Conservative/Libertarian intellectuals (where I have met some of the most brilliant and knowledgeable people). In the last four years, sometimes we question or disagree with what Trump seems to be doing. Thus far, every time we disagreed with Trump, he turned out to be correct at the end!

Trump’s war is against the globalist elite cabal that has run the world for a long time. He has made no secret about his intention. What remains secret is his strategy. At his inaugural address, in front of the national and international audience he expressly declared a war against the Deep State with the corrupt DS dwellers sitting right behind him. At his first UN speech, he asserted (in effect) that the reign of the globalists was coming to an end. That required tremendous courage, valor, clarity, and confidence.

As you know, the globalist elite cabal run the central banking system, the military industrial complex, the medical pharmaceutical industry, MSM, DS, and all major globalist organizations such as UN, WTO, WHO, and IMF. They use the Leftist-collectivist ideologies of every variation (“Blue Church” belief systems) to spread and transmit, through schooling and education, i.e., systematic indoctrination, the Mass Stockholm Syndrome.

By working with the King Salman of Saudi Arabia and his brilliant son Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (another strategic genius), early in his presidency, Trump helped them bust three members of the Royal Family, key members of the globalist network, responsible for the international human and drug trafficking and pedophilia network. On his part, domestically his strict immigration policy with the building of the border wall is designed to prevent the human and child trafficking from the south of the border, inter alia.

Trump also worked with the King and Crown Prince and Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) to root out terrorism and to eliminate war from the Middle East. Trump is the only U.S. President in the last several decades who has not started a war. Instead, he prevented wars from happening in the Middle East (three possible wars prevented) and with North Korea. Along with the Federalists such as George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and many other Founders and Framers, Trump does not believe in foreign interference or interventionism, and believes instead in each nation’s sovereignty.

Now, if you had followed Trump’s life and career since he was young, you would notice that he had been always critical of the U.S. foreign policies, both trade and military. You would also notice that he had been against the central banking system. Therefore, his economic strategy is to transform the central banking, fiat money, & comparative advantage globalist model (“Wall Street”) to wealth producer centered, sound money, sovereign self-sufficiency model (“Main Street”). This means the war against the Rothschild arm of the globalist network.

How would Trump accomplish this without causing an economic breakdown? We know that the central banking system is fundamentally anti-capitalist, the antithesis of what Adam Smith or the Founders and Framers envisioned. Since its inception in 1913, the Federal Reserve (which is the private central bank of the United States) has caused one economic disaster after another. It is designed to serve only the bankers and the super wealthy (1%) but not the common people (99%).

Because of its inherent dysfunctionality, the central banking system and the economy based thereon were on a life-support when Trump took the office of presidency. His initial strategic objective was to build the “Main Street” economy through deregulations, tax cuts, and a series of bilateral trade deals that no longer disadvantage the United States and through which the U.S. gains back the money unfairly taken by way of tariffs etc. That is, to develop a “Main Street” economy in parallel with the “Wall Street” economy which he is determined to keep on a life-support until the right time comes.

Milton Friedman’s economic concept of “Comparative Advantage” that came from Ricardo and was shared by Keynes, Jevons, Menger, Von Mises, and Hayek, was the economic bridge that united the globalists. They believed in the comparative advantage of nations as a core article of economic faith. That was what de-industrialized the United States, built China, drove a long series of wars in natural resource-rich lands and over-built our university system and its influence.

The comparative advantage theory was foundational to both the Left and Right. It is what built the “Uni-party” of the Deep State, drove corporations to outsource everything but only the core, and made supply chains just-in-time without inventory buffers. Then, the coronavirus came, and with it the comparative advantage theory died and was suddenly replaced with resilience and certainty. The slow-motion claw-back from the comparative advantage theory was catalyzed to become the dominant trend.

The globalist central bankers wanted wars to divert people’s attention from their failure and blame it on wars, but Trump did not let them do so by unswervingly preventing wars. So, they decided to use the coronavirus instead. With the coronavirus “pandemic” and the subsequent “quarantine/lockdown” policy, they could blame the economic “recession” or “depression” on the “pandemic”, and even better, on Trump, while they could destroy his chance of re-election.

Many unsavory self-interests converged. The globalist central bankers, the Chinese Communist Party, the Democrat Party (actually “Uniparty”), the globalist organizations (WTO, WHO, etc.), the medical pharma industry, the Media, and of course the Deep State.

How did Trump meet this seemingly unsurmountable challenge posed by the overwhelmingly powerful enemies united to destroy him by destroying the US economy? And an expert on medical-pharmaceutical science and epidemiology he is not. Yet, he met with this challenge with his characteristic strategic genius by turning the crisis (危機) into an opportunity (好機).

Trump declared a national emergency and took control of the Federal Reserve under the Treasury. With the Defense Production Act, he created an innovative government-private business cooperation structure, including the medical-pharmaceutical industry and radically restructured and reengineered the national emergency response mechanism (against future pandemic and bioweapon attack). The medical-pharma companies now work for him with their accountability made visible and with government agencies that have become functional and efficient in order to keep up with the private industry.

With the “Operation Warp Speed” the medical pharmaceutical companies are working under the Trump Administration, not under Bill Gates or WHO and other globalist health organizations. The “vaccines” that are being produced are not the same as the vaccines of the past, while Trump emphasizes the new “therapeutics” more than the new “vaccines”. The pharmaceutical industry, with the MSM, resisted the wide use of hydroxychloroquine (+ zinc) because it is a cheap medicine and they will not profit from it, but Trump has continued to promote it. Let us see what they come up with but I am confident that the vaccine will never be made mandatory and the new lines of pharmaceutical products they produce will be made available in a non-zero-sum game way between the industry and the consumers.

With the Operation Warp Speed, Trump is also bringing back, mainly from China, the drug production and manufacturing to the U.S. so that the U.S. will be self-sufficient in its medical and pharmaceutical supply chains. His strategic intent is to achieve a total economic self-sufficiency across all industries and to realize a complete political and economic sovereignty. For this reason, it is more accurate to call his philosophy “sovereignism” than nationalism.

As for the economy, Trump and his brilliant economic team will use the central banking system to build the “Main Street” economy and switch the fiat money system to the sound money system (starting with the gold standard) at the right time during Trump’s second term. The U.S. Treasury Department has been accumulating a significant amount of gold, while Trump nominated his economic advisor Judy Shelton to the Federal Reserve Board, who is a great expert on gold-standard sound-money economic policy.

Trump’s intention is to eliminate the Federal Reserve, that is, the central banking system, and to make a successful transition from the fiat money system to the sound money system. The Federal Reserve is now under his control and he will move carefully and strategically toward the sound money system with the Federal Reserve strategically being collapsed. This will impact the entire central banking system of the world. Many countries will have to suffer the consequence if they continue to be dependent on the central banking system, but the United States will not suffer. Instead, the American people (99%) will experience an even greater economic prosperity.

First the corrupt Saudi princes were captured, and now the Rothschild have sold a large chunk of their real estate. Trump is winning against the second arm of the globalist elite cabal. So, now, the third arm, led by George Soros, is funding, organizing, and directing the nation-wide riot campaign in the hope of destroying Trump. This is, however, not what it appears to be, that is, a kinetic war, but an information war—a war of optics, misinformation, disinformation, and false narratives. No matter how it looks to the uninformed public, Trump is again several steps ahead of his enemies.

Until November 3rd, until the presidential election, they will do everything possible to destroy Trump, but he will win. Trump will win, because a master strategist ensures winning before entering a war and he is one of such rare masters.

Please remember that warfare is a Tao (philosophy and art) of deception, and that nothing is what and how it appears to be. And if you can really understand how the brilliant strategic mind works, you will start to see the unseen. We are in a war—a war for the soul of the nation. Be on the right side of history. Be on the side of Liberty against the forces of tyranny in their last battle.

Written by Yasuhiko Genku Kimura