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How can we forgive the fraud, the lies, the oppression, and everything that has been done to us?

There is nothing anyone can do that you can’t do

To believe you cannot do something is to believe that there are those above you with more authority—that they will not let you. Untrue. All authority lies within.

Or do you believe success is impossible because you were not born into the club? Trust me, that is a club you would not enjoy spending a moment in. Your true accomplishments are an honest response to your intuition—not resulting from the expectations of a community you belong to.

The only way to fail is to stop making progress. We give up when naïve enthusiasm is followed by hopeless despair. This happens when you believe that your happiness requires the accomplishment of some extraordinary goal. What you are working toward is important, but never more important than the eternal now—this moment. Find peace with the present moment. Feel good here as you keep going.

Also remember, nothing can be accomplished on your own. Anything real requires other people and a coming together. You need customers, an audience, suppliers, partners. Every tool we use to do anything was created by a countless number of people. Joining together is how things get done—but it demands openness and honesty, as well as acceptance. Trust is what happens when this goes both ways. Success is what follows.

Now, in this moment, you are free. But only in love. Only in honesty. This is how we claim our God-given authority, how we harness strength and courage, how we experience things and achieve things we could never even have imagined.


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