Nothing can stop what is coming
Why are most people unwilling to see the truth?

The miracle is love

Each moment, we face a choice between fear and love. Fear causes low energy. It generates stress that sickens and weakens the body. Causes negativity and makes us distrusting and judgmental. Here life becomes impossibe. Keep fear real for long and it consumes you.

The function of the world is to make us fearful. Our function is to overcome it. Only love casts out fear; healing the mind and body. Through the power of love, you create joy and beauty from a state of lasting peace.

Yet it is impossible to live in the world and not to fear...not to be overcome by stress at times. Fear is the world's cry for our attention. Why? Because there are situations requiring our attention.

When fear calls, it is always a call to respond in love. Love is always accepting. Always honest. Never attacks. Love is sanity and wisdom.

The Great Awakening is a new way of being in this world. We are open-minded, accepting of even ugly truth, sometimes pulled into fear. But as soon as we go there, we are learning to respond with the power of love. This is the process of healing, which is a miracle.


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