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Slovakia testing entire population for coronavirus: report from the ground

As reported in the Financial Times, CNN, the Wall Street Journal and everywhere, Slovakia is in the process of implementing an ambitious experiment to test every person. I live in the country's second largest city, Košice. I wanted to report on life during this first weekend of testing.

After days and weeks of confusion in the media, the government decided to start last week with mandatory masks everywhere (except in nature). They started a new lockdown, including the closure of restaurants and shops (though we were allowed to go to work and to nature). As day one and two of the lockdown began, nothing seemed very different except more people were wearing masks outside.

In reality, many are disobeying the mask orders. If there is a group of workers outside, none of them have masks over their mouths. In offices, people are not wearing masks. Outdoors, many people wear them around their chins and keep an eye out for the police. The good news is that the police are nowhere to be seen. They seem to be intentionally laying low, in apparent disagreement with the government (thank you police!). In parks, roughly 60% of people are wearing masks. 

On Facebook, Slovaks are more rebellious than I have ever seen them before. This was probably Europe's most obedient population. No longer. What I see is open revolt against the newly elected (just before the "pandemic") Prime Minister Igor Matovič and President Zuzana Čaputová. Interestingly, Robert Fico and his SMER opposition party (the long-time ruling party in Slovakia before this) is speaking freely against the current government and amassing a growing following.

Slovaks are angry. Many people know that, every year, roughly 2,500 people die from pneumonia. Only 176 people have died from pneumonia this year due to COVID.  It is clear to any honest person that the COVID numbers do not represent a pandemic. People are asking questions and starting to find answers. They are understanding how this, what is happening in Europe, is not about health.

Yesterday began the "mandatory testing". My family did not comply. It felt good to ignore the insanity and we felt no fear. We took a ride into nature. One of the most wonderful things about Slovakia is there is so much nature to explore and we can access it freely. On our way to the forests, we noticed some long lines for testing. The lines died down after lunch. By now, I heard that half of the country's 5.3 million people got tested.

Today, the second and final day of testing for this week, we took another ride to the park. Today, nobody was in line for testing. There were, however, a thousand people in the park we went to (many without masks and police nowhere to be seen). I don't think they will be able to get even half the population to comply with the mandatory testing.

Apparently not even 1% of yesterday's tests turned out to be positive. I've heard many doctors and health experts claim that 1% is a normal number for false positives. I'm not even sure what they are trying to accomplish with this mandatory testing. It can only prove that, based on the death rates, this is a normal flu.

Intelligent people everywhere sudpect that the lockdowns are only a conspiracy to destroy the economy. Those in charge also seem determined, sadly, to end holidays spent with family and other traditions in this culturally rich country. This seems like a dishonest attempt to implement the Great Reset, and that it will not work. People do not want it. Even as they try to cause fear and destroy our livelihood, we would rather spend time outside, speak our truth online, hang out with our family, and pray that the corrupt and confused politicians either come to their senses or come to justice.