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Nothing can stop what is coming

"This is the journey's end. We have referred to it as the real world. And yet there is a contradiction here, in that the words imply a limited reality, a partial truth, a segment of the universe made true." -A Course in Miracles

What we thought was "the real world"--a compromise, a normal way of life that is dishonest and unnatural and filled with sacrifice--is coming to the end.

Now, the ugly truths about the false reality will be exposed and merged into the full reality. Full reality is total and all-encompassing because it includes everything and, therefore, is one.

While much of what we are about to learn is shocking, it is important that we look honestly upon it and do so without judgment.

The final judgment is "the judgment of the truth upon illusion."

Further judgment is unhelpful because it leads to punishment and attack. Justice is nothing other than the truth being revealed and error corrected. The error has always been secrecy and dishonesty (darkness). Without secrecy, corruption is impossible.

The war between separate illusions, otherwise known as confusion, will stop when exposed to truth. The battle is complete, the struggle ends, suffering and crisis end the moment that everything which has been kept hidden, kept separate, is revealed.

Truth is honesty, honesty truth. All the evil and corruption end when we choose to be honest. Nothing can stop what is coming.


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