Why are most people unwilling to see the truth?
Joy cannot be gained by sacrificing it

Nobody gets away with anything

Nobody has ever woken up one day and said, “I’m sure glad I stole all that money, helped rig an election, or killed those people.” After committing the error of lying, cheating, or murdering, it would be impossible to look anyone in the eye and say that it was worth it. Not a chance.

Innocent people often envy the lifestyles of the rich and famous. We imagine how happy we would be if we were in their position. But we don’t understand the horrible deeds often required to get to that place. We imagine it in such a way that, in the end, the money is that good. We believe we will be happy.

This is the path toward corruption—the decision to put aside right and wrong for some supposed treasure or reason that is worth it. Unfortunately, committing the crime brings its own immediate and lasting punishment. Even before you are caught, you face unimaginable stress, fear, misery, and isolation. This is hell, and the treasures you sought will not be fully enjoyed and will not save you.

Become corrupt and there is no going back. Now you must fight harder to hold onto everything, to get away with it all—to the extent that you are forced to commit even worse crimes to buy yourself a bit more time. Still nothing helps. The happiness you sought always feels just around the corner. Tragically, the ending to this story is always the same: the truth is revealed.

Even the best strategies and skills are of no use unless deployed on the side of love—which is one with truth. Truth and lies cannot be equal, just as reality and delusion are not. On one side is everything, the other nothing.

The errors of the world we see now are so profoundly tragic, impossible to accept or understand, but they were all committed by people who simply did not know. These are the ways of ego, and the purpose is always to teach us that there is no other way toward anything we want except for love. Love is always truthful, honest, fearless, open, giving, creative, and accepting.

The only treasure is love and it is yours when you lose faith in other treasures. Resist this lesson, attempt to find other paths to happiness, and continue to cause suffering. The only reason for all the suffering is simple: so that we each may learn the lesson. When we learn, the suffering stops. Why resist?


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