Truth has no agenda
The only thing that is required for healing is a lack of fear. (A Course in Miracles)

It is a fundamental error to believe that deception can defeat the truth

Deception only leads to victory when it is in competition with different deception. In the battle between two illusions, two liars, one may appear to win or gain something. But, when pitted against the truth, the deceiver always loses.

The warrior yielding the truth always wins—but that truth must be nearly total and absolute. In worldly battles, the truth must include evidence and logical consistency. In the spiritual realm, the truth must be loving, beautiful, self-evident, and beyond debate. When there is a marriage between worldly truth and spiritual truth, the power is such that any enemy is defeated just as quickly as the deceit is revealed.

When you have been steamrolled by truth, the only possible outcome is surrender and immediate correction. To continue to fight is to fall harder. But if you surrender, if you come to the light to confess and atone, you will be forgiven because forgiveness is also part of the truth.

A fundamental error in business, politics, relationships, and life is to believe that deception can defeat the truth. Reality ensures that there is no competition at all.