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Nothing is mandatory. It is always a question of whether we choose to comply.

Many people today are afraid of mandatory vaccines and other totalitarian measures that violate our dignity and our human rights. We are also talking about masks and everything else being forced upon us, against our will, under false pretenses.

In some countries, we have even been told that we cannot go outside unless we are tested for COVID. Eventually, they may tell us that we cannot take a flight or cross a border unless we have proof of vaccination. What we are describing here is an abusive relationship between the corrupted government / media and the people. We are being repeatedly manipulated into do what we do not agree with—and it is abuse.

Many of us feel as though we have no say, no power in the situation, that we are subject to the government and that there is nothing we can do. I say that I refuse to take part in any abusive relationship because the price to the soul is too high. If I do not choose to do something—for reasons I understand from my own free will—then I will not do it. Furthermore, I will not accept the consequences unless they are violently enforced upon me.

No one has the right to make arbitrary rules and then set arbitrary consequences for those who agree to neither. If they are telling me that I cannot travel or fly, then I will find another way to enjoy myself. If they are telling me that my children cannot attend school without an unproven vaccine, then we will choose home education and will not ask for permission to do so.

The rewards they offer, even free money, are not worth selling our souls. Compromise is one thing, but we have already compromised too much to a system we thought had some legitimacy. Recently, the relationship has become so clearly abusive that it must end.

Awakened, we are strong enough to live without their technologies and their luxuries. The risk to our health and the destruction of our human dignity is too great. The price of being born into this world is not to be paid in subjugation and abuse. They can do with me what they will. Whatever it is, it will be far better off than agreeing with my own corruption. I will continue to choose my eternal identity, not the fear-based identity they would force upon me.

I am born perfectly free and complete, as we all are. I am subject to God’s laws of nature, to the order of reality itself: love—which is the energy of creation, the thought system of all wisdom, and the solution to every problem. I am here to love all, to serve all, and to create joy and beauty.

Until a legitimate government and media comes along to earn my respect and trust, they no longer have any authority over me and do not control me. I am no longer afraid of them, their threats, their orders, and their violent abuse. I am here only to help, to heal, and to be the light until this divine flame burns in this dimension.


To remember the now

To truly remember is not merely to conjure up the past or to recall something that happened before. These types of memories are shallow and entirely of the mind.

Each memory brings feelings, both positive and negative. We are mostly unaware of the feelings we attach to memories, yet it is because of the feelings that we care about memories. Deep down, we want happy feelings again. So, we long sadly for a perfect moment that cannot be repeated. We also want to avoid painful or fearful feelings. So, we avoid experiences that may seem similar to what happened in the past.

There is an error here, and it is very subtle. What matters is really not the memory of events; rather, the meaning and feelings we prescribe to them. What we want is to experience joy, happiness, and pleasure now and avoid fear, anger, or pain now. This is only possible through a different kind of remembering.

There is a memory that goes deeper than the mind. It is a memory of the heart, of love, of inspiration, of God, of eternal truth and beauty. These are feelings, beyond form. How can you remember a feeling? Only by experiencing again now. If there are feelings you do want but are absent now, then the question is not what situation brought them forth then; rather, what is blocking the feeling now?

When you cut through the lazy memories of the mind, you remember the truth about you now. You remember how it feels to forgive yourself and love yourself unconditionally. You remember how it feels to be free, to be who you are, and to do what inspires you. No circumstance or situation in the past is required for you to remember now. No external situation in the world around you is required for you to remember what is entirely within you now and always.

Can you remember how it felt to be an innocent child, filled with excitement, energy, and perfect joy? Can you remember how it felt to fall madly in love? Or to dream and then do? These are the memories you want. These are memories that can only be remembered by experiencing it in the present moment. To remember truly is to go there now. Free yourself from the shallow, paralyzing memories of the mind. This is to unblock. To awaken.


This Thanksgiving...

This Thanksgiving, I am sending my love and gratitude to all the good Americans who are brave enough to stand up for what is true and right.

I know that our history includes a lot to be ashamed of. Many atrocities have been committed and I don't mean to ignore it.

But on this holiday, now when family is front and center and old fashioned values are celebrated, I am thinking about the countless times in history that American patriots have drawn an immovable line in the sand to preserve freedom and justice.

We will not be conquered by fraud or intimidated into fearful submission. Communist and corrupted Biden will never be President.

Instead, we are exposing the darkest forces in the world so that humanity can live with dignity, with human rights, with equal opportunity and freedom.

Let us move beyond this culture of fake news, fake government, fake election results, and fake science. Beyond the fearful valùes of masks, submission, and death. Let us, instead, do what is right...celebrating life and creating a better world for our children.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Are basic human rights really too much to ask? Why?

When it comes to the world of the elite—those who have some power and influence over the laws, economics, and other aspects of our lives—I don’t really give a damn about who wins and who loses. I take no pleasure in this side winning, that side being punished, or about who is right.

What I want is for basic human rights to be returned to all the regular people of the world. Isn’t that something liberals and progressives used to want?

I know that the entire system has always been corrupted and rotten. But we learned to live with it. The elite did their schemes and robberies, but otherwise left us alone. They lied about wars, ruined countries, falsely locked people up…wait.

Maybe they never left us alone like I remember it. The people of China were not granted human rights. The people of Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan saw their countries ruined by invasion. South American governments allowed gangs to brutally control the streets. Americans were imprisoned at alarming rates. Global human trafficking? Europeans controlled with so much heavy-handed government regulations and arbitrary rules. Nobody was free to decide how they wanted their children educated. I guess everything was completely messed up for a long time.

All those years before, I dreamed of a way that some of us might break free from this corrupt, unjust system of oppression. I wrote about it and talked about it all the time. I ignored the mainstream media, rejected consumerism, tried my best to love God and forgive every human being. I even started a charity and built a new social media app that was supposed to create a decentralized People Economy. But nobody wanted it.

For so long, almost everyone has been lost in the sickness of ego—blindly trusting false authority while suspicious and vicious toward other people. We were all just trying to pay the bills and maybe even get ahead a little. Meanwhile, the central banks were diluting our wealth by printing money and the governments were burdening us with heavy tax demands. It wasn’t really working. Our best efforts were never quite enough, and nobody was happy.

In 2020, things got even worse. Now many of us can only dream of making a living at all, or going outside to breathe the fresh air, or enjoying a holiday, celebrating our traditions, attending a sporting event, or traveling to see family and loved ones. With the dark threat of the Great Reset looming, now we are afraid of speaking our truths. We are told by the corrupted what is true and what is not. We are meant to believe in a pandemic that is basically just a normal flu. We are forced into tests, threatened with vaccinations, and even with the ultimate removal of our very humanity via experimental injections. The vision set forth by today’s ruling elite is like life in the Soviet USSR, only far more terrifying.

So, I guess it had to come down to this battle we are in. The world was not okay before. It certainly is not okay now. As we are all wrapped up trying to understand what is going to happen, I have a few important questions:

- May we please be allowed to take care of our families?
- May we continue to speak freely?
- May we move about the world without restrictions, threat, or intimidation?
- Can we make our own decisions about our health and make decisions about our own risks?
- Can we have some say in how our children are educated?
- Can we create and serve others without being muzzled and shut down?

Are basic human rights really too much to ask? Why?

Abscondo Podcast #91: What happens after the Great Awakening?

With all this talk of the Great Awakening, the threat of COVID and the Great Reset, election fraud, Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Trump, MAGA, MEGA, and so on...I wanted to offer the perspective of a person who has gone through his own Great Awakening almost 20 years ago. What is life like? What comes next? What other steps are required for happiness?

I forgive all because I know that error and sickness is impotent.


Total healing requires only a single instant of unconditional love. This means loving every being as one—as an extension of the self—and then extending that love without any form of attack. Withholding forgiveness, punishing, blaming, shaming, making demands—this is faith in attack, not in love.

This lesson is that only unconditional love—which includes unconditional acceptance, total forgiveness, and perfect honesty—is healing. The lesson is easier to apply in the case of small errors. But how can we apply unconditional love and total forgiveness where there is child abuse, murder, violence, oppression, or corruption?

Start by remembering that only a single holy instant of your perfect love is enough for total, eternal healing. If you can do this fully once, you break the ego’s grip on your forever. You may occasionally get pulled back into fear or indignation, but you will never forget the higher truth of perfect, unconditional love. This will be your home.

I am thinking about the liars, the criminals, those who murder the innocent, yield fear as a weapon, those who rob populations of their livelihoods and traditions—I ask myself again, how am I to love these people unconditionally and forgive completely? After I experienced my holy instant—my awakening to spirituality—I can no longer believe that anything of the world has any power over perfect love (which is, in other words, the force of life, of creation—God). If I stray from love, I place my faith in the ego, I believe in the power of error, and in evil itself as a real threat.

The fallen and corrupted are those who believe in their black magic—their secrets, their bargains. And where has it delivered them to other than hell?

We are not bodies warring; this is not who we are. Our identity is in spirit. It is not in the realm of physical matter. Consciousness, itself—the “you” who is observing your thoughts, sensing your body, perceiving this world—consciousness is the same across us all. This is what is meant by “we are one”.

In spirit, we all have the same needs—and they are already fulfilled when we stop sacrificing to the ego. Those who identify with the ego desperately seek to fulfill their needs in the world. This strategy always fails because reality is non-negotiable.

I forgive all because I know that error and sickness is impotent. “Evil” has no power over the real me as eternal love, spirit, consciousness. Any correction or healing can only be done by teaching the true lesson: love, and do not attack in any form.

The only thing that is required for healing is a lack of fear. (A Course in Miracles)

“Don’t worry!” It sounds easy, right? But to achieve fearlessness is to reach the highest level of success in life.

From fear flows illness, suffering, grumpiness, anger, hate, jealousy, and all negative emotions. It is only one thing, though appears to take many forms. The only antidote to fear is love. When aligned with love—in love with yourself and all of life—fear is absent. Only fear pulls you away from love, and it is impossible to feel and to experience both love and fear at the same time. You can’t serve two masters.

If you choose to view the world around you from a position of fear, your impulse is to control everything. You fight everything. You attack and do whatever it takes to shape the world because you believe it will end suffering and stress. Has this worked so far? No, because it is impossible. The world is too complex to be controlled and too far outside of our control.

If you choose to view the world around you from a position of love, you find that love is truth. You learn that wanting this truth requires openness, honesty, and acceptance. Your role, as love, is to dissolve conflict, to create, and to serve. You can effortlessly bring positive energy and a cooler head to all situations. You can allow people and events to take their own course and respond lovingly, without trying to control.

But how? Not by trying to delude yourself. Not by establishing boundaries. Not through wishful thinking. This is all very fragile and is of the ego because it is separation. Separation is a choice for the values of death, and ultimately leads to more fear.

The answer: through faith. Faith in the power of love now, which is the divine force of life. Aligned with love, there is no stress. Therefore, no illness. Love allows you to ask real questions and receive real answers. As love, you have the power to look upon anything and transform it from dark to light by simply revealing its reality. Your relationships are unbreakable, your value clear, your eternal life built upon a foundation which is beyond threat. As love, there is nothing to fear.

This isn’t easy as an ongoing state, but even a holy instant spent aligned with perfect love is the miracle. Perfect love is a daily practice—a spiritual practice. This is what we are doing here.  


It is a fundamental error to believe that deception can defeat the truth

Deception only leads to victory when it is in competition with different deception. In the battle between two illusions, two liars, one may appear to win or gain something. But, when pitted against the truth, the deceiver always loses.

The warrior yielding the truth always wins—but that truth must be nearly total and absolute. In worldly battles, the truth must include evidence and logical consistency. In the spiritual realm, the truth must be loving, beautiful, self-evident, and beyond debate. When there is a marriage between worldly truth and spiritual truth, the power is such that any enemy is defeated just as quickly as the deceit is revealed.

When you have been steamrolled by truth, the only possible outcome is surrender and immediate correction. To continue to fight is to fall harder. But if you surrender, if you come to the light to confess and atone, you will be forgiven because forgiveness is also part of the truth.

A fundamental error in business, politics, relationships, and life is to believe that deception can defeat the truth. Reality ensures that there is no competition at all.


Truth has no agenda

This is exactly it. Truth is. It is beyond debate.

No one needs to agree with the truth for it to remain true.

It needs no defense, but for healing to occur it must be revealed.

Just give me the truth! Let me help reveal it.

When brought into the light, even ugly truth is instantly corrected and has no power.

How does this happen? Through love, our true identity, the energy of life, itself.

Truth, honesty, love, beauty, God--it is all one and the same. This is reality.

To bend the truth at all, ever, is to reject reality. Agenda is of the ego, and it is always an error.

I choose to live in truth and honesty, believing in no agenda, feeling to need to manipulate. This total diminishment of my false identity allows the reveal of my real one.


*Image repost from David Fishman (@dovpeace) on Instagram

How can we forgive the fraud, the lies, the oppression, and everything that has been done to us?

We are awakening to a new understanding of the world. For longer than we have been alive, our world has been ruled by dark forces. What we have been shown and taught is not real. Now their control over our lives is slipping, and all the chaos of 2020 is their last attempt to hold on as the forces of light take over.

We are fighting for our lives, placing our faith in truth-seeking and truth-telling. We see what is happening. We understand the depths of the wrongdoing. Many are calling for revenge. But how do I see this as a spiritually awakened person?

I do not believe in attack in any form, including punishment, because it teaches nothing. I believe in total forgiveness. I believe that the idea of sin is an unreal perception of error. Yes, many have committed tragic errors. They are already paying the price, yet they continue because they see no way out. They believe that, if they were to confess and atone, that they would only be severely punished—perhaps for the remainder of their lives.

Like everyone, I have suffered under the crimes of these people. Their ignorance has caused unnecessary fear, confusion, and impoverishment in all forms. They have corrupted every aspect of society. But deep down, I do not want punishment. I just want it to stop! That is what all of us are fighting for.

Please. Just stop. Be honest. Be fair. Let us be free. Let us live our lives. That is all we want.

Now this is coming to a head. If our response is only to punish, then the Great Awakening—or the Consciousness Revolution—will not have occurred. Instead, we will continue to believe in us against them and that attack teaches lessons or means something. Yes, we will have won this battle. But, in the end, if we do not forgive then we will be no different from them. Healing is impossible without forgiveness. Without true forgiveness, the sick thought system of ego will continue to prevail over the world as it has for thousands of years—only it will be our side teaching it. Let us, instead, teach the true thought system.

This is not about us against them. It is about using truth to reveal corruption and love to dispel fear. I do not want to lock anybody up. I want healing. When the forces of light prevail, I pray we create space to look at the whole truth. We can encourage everyone to tell the whole truth about what we have done and why. This is how we destroy ego.

Strip them from their positions of false authority, yes. Then make them humble by making them confess the whole truth about what they have done, why, and why they know it is wrong. We are not victims, we are healers. We will cast out the ego. We will bring them to their knees and then correct all error. This is love, which contains all power and is the only real revolution.