The only thing that is required for healing is a lack of fear. (A Course in Miracles)
Abscondo Podcast #91: What happens after the Great Awakening?

I forgive all because I know that error and sickness is impotent.


Total healing requires only a single instant of unconditional love. This means loving every being as one—as an extension of the self—and then extending that love without any form of attack. Withholding forgiveness, punishing, blaming, shaming, making demands—this is faith in attack, not in love.

This lesson is that only unconditional love—which includes unconditional acceptance, total forgiveness, and perfect honesty—is healing. The lesson is easier to apply in the case of small errors. But how can we apply unconditional love and total forgiveness where there is child abuse, murder, violence, oppression, or corruption?

Start by remembering that only a single holy instant of your perfect love is enough for total, eternal healing. If you can do this fully once, you break the ego’s grip on your forever. You may occasionally get pulled back into fear or indignation, but you will never forget the higher truth of perfect, unconditional love. This will be your home.

I am thinking about the liars, the criminals, those who murder the innocent, yield fear as a weapon, those who rob populations of their livelihoods and traditions—I ask myself again, how am I to love these people unconditionally and forgive completely? After I experienced my holy instant—my awakening to spirituality—I can no longer believe that anything of the world has any power over perfect love (which is, in other words, the force of life, of creation—God). If I stray from love, I place my faith in the ego, I believe in the power of error, and in evil itself as a real threat.

The fallen and corrupted are those who believe in their black magic—their secrets, their bargains. And where has it delivered them to other than hell?

We are not bodies warring; this is not who we are. Our identity is in spirit. It is not in the realm of physical matter. Consciousness, itself—the “you” who is observing your thoughts, sensing your body, perceiving this world—consciousness is the same across us all. This is what is meant by “we are one”.

In spirit, we all have the same needs—and they are already fulfilled when we stop sacrificing to the ego. Those who identify with the ego desperately seek to fulfill their needs in the world. This strategy always fails because reality is non-negotiable.

I forgive all because I know that error and sickness is impotent. “Evil” has no power over the real me as eternal love, spirit, consciousness. Any correction or healing can only be done by teaching the true lesson: love, and do not attack in any form.

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