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How to run your own email server

As anyone selling B2B knows, finding new sales opportunities can be a daunting challenge. You know exactly which prospects you need to talk with; but getting a meeting can be frustratingly difficult.

Cold calling is dead. LinkedIn connect requests are ignored. Advertising is imprecise and expensive. Trade shows are no longer possible. If you need to pitch your products and services to the right decision makers, the best remaining channel of communication is email—but only if you know how to execute!

To start with, you will get zero results unless your message is outstanding. Even then, it is a numbers game. Just as soon as you ramp up a higher-volume email outreach program and start getting results, then hosting providers such as Gmail, Microsoft 365, GoDaddy and others will shut down your account for sending too high of a volume.

To solve this, you may then look to transactional or marketing email providers such as Sendgrid, Sendinblue, or Amazon SES—only to find that the setup process is very complex, delivery is poor, and they will cut you off anyway (even when the volume is very reasonable).

If you are a sales rep employed by a large organization, you are then forced to deal with complex processes and so much indecision that you get nowhere. If you are a startup, you risk your domain getting blacklisted and finding that all your emails are going to the junk / spam folder. But you need new customers. What can you do?

I run a sales agency that arranges meetings for companies selling enterprise technology solutions or services. What makes us different is that, for each project, we set up our own email servers—which very few people know how to do.

We will buy a domain that is similar to yours. The new domain is redirected to your main domain. We then send the optimal volume of outbound email, as an extension of your team, from our SMTP server. The messages get through, meetings start to flow, and we are immune from getting shut down.

Before you work with anyone else, ask them how they are going to overcome these challenges. They won't have a clue. Do you have the knowledge or bandwidth to do all this by yourself, including building lists and executing on all the outreach and follow-up? Probably not. You have deals to close and a business to run.

Our pricing is low and risk-free. After running 100+ successful campaigns over 10 years, I’ve become not only a messaging guru but also something of a sales hacker. We have taken one client from zero to an exit of $100 million in 4 years by arranging 650 on-site, C-level meetings.

If you need help growing the sales pipeline, my team is in place to execute on an ongoing, successful Inside Sales On-demand program. Contact me at for more information.

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