There is nothing anyone can do that you can’t do
Truth has no agenda

How can we forgive the fraud, the lies, the oppression, and everything that has been done to us?

We are awakening to a new understanding of the world. For longer than we have been alive, our world has been ruled by dark forces. What we have been shown and taught is not real. Now their control over our lives is slipping, and all the chaos of 2020 is their last attempt to hold on as the forces of light take over.

We are fighting for our lives, placing our faith in truth-seeking and truth-telling. We see what is happening. We understand the depths of the wrongdoing. Many are calling for revenge. But how do I see this as a spiritually awakened person?

I do not believe in attack in any form, including punishment, because it teaches nothing. I believe in total forgiveness. I believe that the idea of sin is an unreal perception of error. Yes, many have committed tragic errors. They are already paying the price, yet they continue because they see no way out. They believe that, if they were to confess and atone, that they would only be severely punished—perhaps for the remainder of their lives.

Like everyone, I have suffered under the crimes of these people. Their ignorance has caused unnecessary fear, confusion, and impoverishment in all forms. They have corrupted every aspect of society. But deep down, I do not want punishment. I just want it to stop! That is what all of us are fighting for.

Please. Just stop. Be honest. Be fair. Let us be free. Let us live our lives. That is all we want.

Now this is coming to a head. If our response is only to punish, then the Great Awakening—or the Consciousness Revolution—will not have occurred. Instead, we will continue to believe in us against them and that attack teaches lessons or means something. Yes, we will have won this battle. But, in the end, if we do not forgive then we will be no different from them. Healing is impossible without forgiveness. Without true forgiveness, the sick thought system of ego will continue to prevail over the world as it has for thousands of years—only it will be our side teaching it. Let us, instead, teach the true thought system.

This is not about us against them. It is about using truth to reveal corruption and love to dispel fear. I do not want to lock anybody up. I want healing. When the forces of light prevail, I pray we create space to look at the whole truth. We can encourage everyone to tell the whole truth about what we have done and why. This is how we destroy ego.

Strip them from their positions of false authority, yes. Then make them humble by making them confess the whole truth about what they have done, why, and why they know it is wrong. We are not victims, we are healers. We will cast out the ego. We will bring them to their knees and then correct all error. This is love, which contains all power and is the only real revolution.