Abscondo Podcast #91: What happens after the Great Awakening?
This Thanksgiving...

Are basic human rights really too much to ask? Why?

When it comes to the world of the elite—those who have some power and influence over the laws, economics, and other aspects of our lives—I don’t really give a damn about who wins and who loses. I take no pleasure in this side winning, that side being punished, or about who is right.

What I want is for basic human rights to be returned to all the regular people of the world. Isn’t that something liberals and progressives used to want?

I know that the entire system has always been corrupted and rotten. But we learned to live with it. The elite did their schemes and robberies, but otherwise left us alone. They lied about wars, ruined countries, falsely locked people up…wait.

Maybe they never left us alone like I remember it. The people of China were not granted human rights. The people of Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan saw their countries ruined by invasion. South American governments allowed gangs to brutally control the streets. Americans were imprisoned at alarming rates. Global human trafficking? Europeans controlled with so much heavy-handed government regulations and arbitrary rules. Nobody was free to decide how they wanted their children educated. I guess everything was completely messed up for a long time.

All those years before, I dreamed of a way that some of us might break free from this corrupt, unjust system of oppression. I wrote about it and talked about it all the time. I ignored the mainstream media, rejected consumerism, tried my best to love God and forgive every human being. I even started a charity and built a new social media app that was supposed to create a decentralized People Economy. But nobody wanted it.

For so long, almost everyone has been lost in the sickness of ego—blindly trusting false authority while suspicious and vicious toward other people. We were all just trying to pay the bills and maybe even get ahead a little. Meanwhile, the central banks were diluting our wealth by printing money and the governments were burdening us with heavy tax demands. It wasn’t really working. Our best efforts were never quite enough, and nobody was happy.

In 2020, things got even worse. Now many of us can only dream of making a living at all, or going outside to breathe the fresh air, or enjoying a holiday, celebrating our traditions, attending a sporting event, or traveling to see family and loved ones. With the dark threat of the Great Reset looming, now we are afraid of speaking our truths. We are told by the corrupted what is true and what is not. We are meant to believe in a pandemic that is basically just a normal flu. We are forced into tests, threatened with vaccinations, and even with the ultimate removal of our very humanity via experimental injections. The vision set forth by today’s ruling elite is like life in the Soviet USSR, only far more terrifying.

So, I guess it had to come down to this battle we are in. The world was not okay before. It certainly is not okay now. As we are all wrapped up trying to understand what is going to happen, I have a few important questions:

- May we please be allowed to take care of our families?
- May we continue to speak freely?
- May we move about the world without restrictions, threat, or intimidation?
- Can we make our own decisions about our health and make decisions about our own risks?
- Can we have some say in how our children are educated?
- Can we create and serve others without being muzzled and shut down?

Are basic human rights really too much to ask? Why?

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