As I write daily post #650, I am reminded that these lessons are sometimes difficult for even me to follow.
The fallen person needs to feed on your suffering. Don't be the food.

What is really going on in the world?

A profound shift is happening. People are losing trust in the system. We no longer believe the corporate media, the government, or the healthcare system. We see that they are controlled by the globalists who have infiltrated the United Nations, World Health Organization, the FBI, as well as many of the largest corporations in Big Tech, Finance, and Media. They apparently have all been corrupted by the Chinese Communists, who are joined together with the secret societies and other elements.

This is a coalition not of ideas and values to win the hearts and minds of the people. It is a coalition of violent and dishonest force. The people behind this cabal are deeply sick. Lacking love in their hearts, they have become corrupted with symbols of power and status, with sexual depravity and violence. Like the mafia, they are entangled together through bribes and criminal financial activity.

They have colluded to use these worldly tools of power to pollute our minds and to corrupt the politicians through any means necessary. Why? Because for many years already, the patriots of the world have been uncovering these sick truths. They know it is being exposed and this is their last hope of saving themselves from what is coming.

The desperate COVID lie was designed to cause fear in the world and to destroy the capitalist economy through lockdowns. Phase two is to initiate the UN’s Great Reset initiative, which establishes this united, dark cabal as the only source of power—much like the Communist Party is the only source of control in China. The idea is to dismantle our nations and constitutions, to undo law and order, and for them to rule by decree as they are already trying to do.

If they think that someone should die, they will murder. If they decide that the world needs to be depopulated, then genocide. No more free speech. Oppressive security. Free will is no longer acceptable. The message is to obey, comply, agree—or die. Then there are some nice words about equality, about human advancement, and about saving us from global warming if we go along with the whole thing. I am not making this up. This is what the UN’s World Economic Forum is openly saying.

Theirs is a sick morality that knows nothing of God or consciousness. Because they are corrupted, they don’t know the power of love, truth, and beauty. They forgot what they once knew as children—that humans are good, that we are part of nature, that each one of us is filled with inspiration and divinity. They do not understand anything beyond the ego, and the ego knows nothing. All truth is beyond the ego, and the dimension of truth is what they are utterly blind to.

So this is what we are dealing with. From here, there are a few different scenarios that might unfold. In one scenario, the patriots of the world expose this in such a way that the population can see the truth and accept it. In this scenario, the sick and corrupted are rooted out so that decent people will run the institutions of the world. We re-establish the social contract (legitimate law and order). This is what Trump supporters and other patriots around the world are fighting for.

The other scenario is that the people of the world lose all trust in authority, in the state, in corporations, in the healthcare systems, in school, everything. The world then descends into anarchy and wars. For those not aligned with God, unconditional love, or presence; this would be a very dark time that would last for many years. The ultimate outcome would be healing because the truth shall always prevail. But so much would be destroyed and many would suffer and die in the process.

Another possible scenario is a truce—a secret agreement that their crimes will not be exposed. They would retreat, and life would continue as before. This has been the status quo for a long time, but doesn’t seem to be the path we are on anymore.

The one scenario that cannot happen is that the globalist agenda will be implemented just as planned. It is impossible because people will not accept it. No human can live under the conditions they are proposing. It is a fantasy. Their technology does not work as intended. They are incompetent leaders, poor liars, and they are far too confused to gain any following. Reality is not such that sick people can attain lasting power. To believe so is to fail to understand reality.

Finally, there is one ideal scenario—one perfect answer—and it is the loving response. This deeply unhappy, sick elite might find it in their hearts to recognize their fundamental errors. Apologize for all of it. Atone. Ask the people for forgiveness. Confess everything and work to make it right.

I honestly believe the decent people of the world (the majority) could forgive. If you correct things, we don’t want punishment and revenge. We know that the path of sin and error can lead only to suffering and crisis. We know they have already paid for their sins just by the way they have been living. I believe we could hold their hands and help them through their crisis. We could teach them the ways of wisdom and healing—which is forgiveness. All the world would be filled with love and joy.