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What God created is safe from all corruption, unchanged and perfect in eternity (A Course in Miracles)

That which can be corrupted is not what God created; rather, only what humans have made. A Course in Miracles reveals a clear distinction between making vs. creating—and human beings are capable of both.

That which is made involves no love. Movements, institutions, governments, buildings, laws—all that human beings merely make are errors and, therefore, are entirely unstable and temporary. They are easily corrupted, conquered, destroyed, and then forgotten about.

But that which is created—including the unchangeable laws of the universe and even what humans create in perfect love—this is beyond corruption and is eternal. To create is to infuse spirit into the physical realm; but even this cannot exactly make the physical, material part beyond threat; rather, merely ensures that which is real about it is. Let me give an example.

In 2020, the world has been attacked by the dark forces of ego, which believes it can corrupt and achieve absolute power over each of us, even over the United States of America. All the soldiers of darkness believe there is power in dishonesty, manipulation, force, attack, and in fear. As we have seen all throughout history, brutal attempts to conquer fail badly even when they at first seem to have power.  

What the dark soldiers of ego fail to understand is the insanity of their own thought system—the belief that they are God and that they have power over reality. Reality is the one thing they will never understand. Reality is the love in our hearts, the honest thoughts in our minds, and all that we do and create through the power of this love. Reality is that the soul is beyond threat and will never be captured. Reality is that the truth shall prevail.

A person who knows what love is cannot fear and cannot be conquered. Similarly, a country is invulnerable to the extent that it is originally founded on the principles of God—love, truth, liberty. Because the Constitution of the United States of America, for example, was created with love, it is loved. Because it is loved, it is stronger than the forces of darkness and will endure. In other cultures, traditions are loved, national identities are loved, and all this will prevail for the simple reason that it is loved.
The soldiers of darkness can scare some of us into silent complicity for a while, they can seize control over the meaningless elements of society when nobody is paying attention, but when our divine selves remember who we are—when we look upon what they are attempting to make and see it in truth, we will cast it aside without any effort at all. We merely need to speak the truth, and the light returns. This outcome is certain in eternity.

This is the power of love, truth, freedom, life, God, faith—all words pointing to essentially the same thing. The opposite is only error and insanity, which has no lasting power at all. Spiritual understanding is a big deal now and always. Doubt this lesson and you will be tossed about in stress and fear for no reason at all. Understand it, and you have found peace because you understand reality.


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