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We can learn a lot from politics—what corrupt politicians and scandals teach us about life

We all know that the political realm is a swamp of lies. But even there—buried so deeply that it goes almost unseen—the truth about any situation, and the honest truth-tellers who reveal it, also do exist. For every scandalous political accusation, there is either a truth about what the politician did or there is a smear campaign. Only one can be true.

The Achilles heal of any politician or political party is the belief that well-crafted, well-planned lies are as good as the truth. The same goes for the politically motivated media and their endless smears. Only a fool can believe that a lie, if backed by the right motives and intentions, can be noble and is as good as honesty. Only a person who does not know reality, and believes it possible to craft his own version of it, can fall for this very common trap.

This is the fundamental error of ego: the belief that events can be manipulated in your favor, that secrets can be kept, that attack has power, that everything is relative—lies, truth, it is only a matter of who is more skillful and who wants it more. This game always seems to work for a while when everyone is playing along, when everyone is engaged in the same sleazy behavior. But if one person comes along who is willing to risk everything to tell the truth, then the truth-teller wins every time.

All real power is found in honesty—for only it is real. There is a truth to any situation. When the truth is pointed to, no further debate is required because it is easily recognized. Liars then become impotent. They can deny it, they can attack back, they can ignore it, but the truth is always there. Just as light always ends darkness, the truth always ends fiction.

Why do so many seemingly intelligent people attempt to manipulate reality through less than honest means? If you are right about something, then stand up and tell your truth. If the people agree, we will trust you completely and follow. But there is never a good or worthy cause that would require you to lie about anything. To do so is to, in time, destroy yourself and your own cause. This is the life lesson we can all learn.

So many good ideas and causes are being destroyed now by dishonest people with good intentions but no wisdom. But this isn’t true either, because if any cause is real—if it is true—then a decent person will eventually step up to light the way. Only then will the idea gain momentum. It will be carried forward by many with love in their hearts, and it will endure forever.

I don’t want to name names right now because, in the midst of this global coup, there are far too many. But this is my message to any politician or political activist who has ever been tempted to lie about anything: reality ensures your immediate and ongoing suffering, even if you seem to win a battle or find yourself living in some immaculate mansion. Furthermore, reality ensures that the whole thing will eventually be exposed to all. When this happens, which it will, your life’s work will be seen as an utter failure. Did you really think you had the power of God to shape reality?


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