Despair is not inevitable
The Great Reset, if genuine, might even work—but only after a massive apology, a total coming clean for every fictitious event and news story.

Understanding the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, and the Great Reset

Fundamental change is a difficult process for everyone. This is a painful adjustment process. Still, the best approach is to want only the truth of any situation, accept it fully as the situation, and respond from there.

If you want to make sense of COVID-19 world events, meet a gentleman named Klaus Schwab.

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Do some quick research about what he has accomplished. Starting in 1971, he has been bringing together the world’s most powerful companies, governments, and non-profits to find ways to make the world a better place. This means creating a unified approach to tackling the problems of climate change, environmental destruction, and wealth inequality (to name a few).

Every January in Davos, Switzerland, a few thousand of the most powerful people—heads of the largest corporations, non-profits, and governments—come together to create a consensus on the direction of the world. You can watch the conference footage for yourself on YouTube, but their agenda—which has already been agreed to and is being executed—is called the Great Reset.

Klaus Schwab even published a book about it in June 2020 called “COVID-19: The Great Reset”. His organization, the World Economic Forum (which since 2019 is officially a part of the United Nations) even held a conference to explain the principles. I’ve purchased the book and will be getting fully up-to-speed in the coming days.

The basic idea behind the Great Reset is the full cooperation between governments, corporations, and NGO’s to implement a new world order through digital technologies—including pervasive surveillance, AI, 5G, apparently even human augmentation. These ideas were also presented in Klaus Schwab’s book “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” in 2016. The information is out there so I don’t need to explain it.

It is important to accept that the Great Reset has already been agreed to and set in motion. There is no going back to how life was before COVID. Essentially all the world’s most powerful institutions and leaders are busy executing on the plan. Trump and a lot of people are resisting, but this resistance will likely fail (at least in the short term).

The measures around COVID-19 are bankrupting every country, disrupting every industry, and this is part of the plan to reduce consumption and environmental destruction. The next part of the plan is to provide $10 – $11 trillion dollars in relief to create a new, green economy designed to achieve the well-intentioned goals of the UN / World Economic Forum. Even if Trump wins the election, or someone else tries to resist this, the world cannot go back to pre-COVID because the economic destruction has created the need for companies and governments to take loans (which always come with conditions).

Schwab talks a lot about how the world must now work, how businesses must now function, and he doesn’t mean it as pontification or nice advice. The system has thoroughly changed. If we want to thrive in the new economic reality—and if there is any chance for a smoother transition to a sustainable economy that we can live with—we will need to learn about what is happening and accept it on some level.

My commitment, as always, is only to speak the truth and to do so openly. I am a social entrepreneur who has already been basically living in alignment with the goals of the Great Reset (without intending to or knowing it). I share the values of saving the planet from destruction, ending injustice, and of greater inclusion (more opportunity for all and less wealth inequality). If the word’s most powerful people and institutions all agree, I trust they are doing their best to fix the obvious problems caused by free-market capitalism and corrupted democracy. The path we were on, as normal as it seemed, was an assured path to destruction and something had to be done.

While the Great Reset cause is noble, this is an extremely scary time because this experiment has never been tested. It is only a plan created by bureaucrats who have come up with a set of principles that are openly being forced upon the population without our prior knowledge or consent. It is an ideology that has been agreed to by the elite and has been implemented throughout the entire world.

I think there may be a huge gap in the plan—which is our spiritual wellbeing (i.e. “mental health”). As they continue to intentionally take down many aspects of the ego by taking away so much of what the ego enjoyed, a true thought system is needed to replace it. Humans are not just about economics. If the future is going to be one that we can live with, there will need to be an awakening to deeper truth and love—which will create joy and inner peace.

Also, constant surveillance has already been decided and is the reality. Now we will need to help those in charge to understand us, to learn about and accept the full range of who we “regular people” are as human beings. I am hopeful that they plan to allow what is real about us to flourish—that everyone involved hopefully understands our needs around intimacy, truth, and beauty. If this plan is going to succeed, they will need to allow our souls to be free even as a new economic order is imposed upon us. Otherwise, the result will be no different from that of Soviet Communism.
Going forward in life, my tone will not be one of resistance. This has already been done. Therefore, no judgment is needed. The deeper, universal reality works in such a way that it always has its own response to any experiment. Either something is in alignment with truth and reality, or it isn’t. Everything takes its natural course and, no matter what happens, that which is real about us is beyond threat.

So pontification about the future would be pointless. This is not easy for any of us, but maybe we can approach the new world order with an open heart and mind. I am making myself available—as exactly who I am—to take part in the new economy and to help shape a better world. I love every single person in the world and will do so in openness, truth, and honestly.

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