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Understanding the secret to Donald Trump's political success

In politics, smear campaigns are routine. Time and again, whenever character assassinations have been carried out by those with the power of the media on their side, success has been emanant. This is what they have been trying to do to Donald Trump since the day he announced his campaign for President. The difference, this time, is that it has not worked. How is this possible?

The opposition throws everything at him, and they do so with the full force of the media. Yet he only seems to get stronger. There are the made-up scandals that ultimately prove untrue, the blanket accusations of racism and whatever else, the global echo-chamber shouting all of this through every media outlet all day every day (not only the news, but even the so-called comedy shows)—and yet his support has only increased all the while. How has he accomplished this?

Let me describe Donald Trump’s approach, which fools the opposition every single time. First, the man speaks his truth essentially unfiltered. He talks for hours with no notes, no teleprompters, and consistently tells it like he sees it. He talks to the public like someone might talk with his friends at a barbecue—not always perfect, but real. This approach probably outrages most people because maybe most people feel they cannot be so honest.

Many people are playing fake roles at work or at home. The celebrities on TV, for example, are all playing roles—making a career out of sacrifice and superficiality. Constantly playing a false persona, always trying to fit in, saying what you are supposed to say—this is the most difficult thing in the world to do. Yet almost everyone is doing it. As a result, we carry so much resentment, so much sadness, and we loathe ourselves for spending each day projecting and perpetuating images and viewpoints that are dishonest. I think this goes to the root of ego and human psychology.

The hatred of Trump, therefore, may flow from psychological projection. I think people hate themselves for faking, for being less than honest, for always sacrificing so much. Then they watch a non-conformist as President? His style undermines this entire system of faking. So the haters try to throw their self-loathing onto him—making wild accusations and doing so with such anger and rage, and blaming all these feelings on him. The haters appear very ugly and Trump knows how it undermines their cause.

Beyond his commitment to telling his truth, Trump’s second secret to success in politics is in how he responds to wild allegations. He doesn't do much to defend himself or counter-attack. He doesn't take things personally. To do so would be to make it seem real. What Trump does, instead, is that he simply states what is really happening—and goes all the way with it. Haters continue frantically spewing their toxic accusations. Once again, they can’t believe he dares to respond how honestly and "inappropriately" as he does (e.g. using terms “fake news” or “crooked Hillary”). Trump has done this time and time again—to enrage Hillary, the media, and all his opposition—none of whom understand the power of honesty and, therefore, fall for it every time.

So here you have one lone man—essentially against the world—who is winning by always telling his truth while the opposition shamelessly continues with the same tactics. Who do you think will win? The person presenting his honest vision of America, controlling his own narrative all the while, telling his truth, accomplishing some great things along the way, doing his best at his job? Or the millions of angry people engaged in obvious character assassinations; people who are perpetually crippled by an insane fear of a flu? So filled with hatred, they can’t even stand to listen to him speak or to consider the real forces behind all of this, which is the openly stated agenda of the Great Reset. The UN World Economic Forum is using the COVID situation to take full control of the world. This is a global coup to institute a new economy that is not capitalism and does not permit human rights.

The globalist opposition cannot win by telling the truth. Because so few would vote for it, they lie and manipulate the situation. But the strategy of character assassination only works when you are able to draw your opponent in by using the same methods in response. Trump will not fall for this trick and, after all these years, a whole world against him has not learned a thing. So he will continue to let haters think the accusations are real, then watch them make angry fools of themselves.

Trump knows that the truth needs no defense. He is who he is, he knows that he means well, that he loves his country and every person in it, and he makes no apologies. Even if he somehow loses this election, Donald Trump has demonstrated how the truth prevails even in the most vicious world we have ever seen.


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