Abscondo Podcast #90: Love, spiritual awakening, and world events with Prasad Paul Duffy
Stress and fear are always caused by faith in illusions. When you are ready to end this hell, know that you have all the power to dispel illusion now.

The truth shall prevail

I find it astounding how the world remains so ignorant on the topic of honesty. People do not know that lies are always eventually exposed, and that even before that—during the process of crafting and maintaining a dishonest version of reality—so much suffering is involved for yourself and others.

People think that all the suffering and sacrifice at the altar of dishonesty is a worthy price; but it never is because, in the end, nothing can be gained. The truth is eventually exposed every single time. In the end, nobody gets away with anything.

And yet we continue to lie. We lie because we believe there is some noble cause or good reason. It is so normal in the world to withhold truth just a little. But start down that road and “just a little” becomes a little more, and so on. In time, it becomes rather obvious to others that you are a fraud. Trust is eroded, authority lost, relationships broken, drama and crisis ensue, and everything falls apart.

Despite the best of intentions, even the best lies only seem to work for a while. I’m not making this up. This is how nature works. When we fall away from truth and honesty, we are living in a way that is not aligned with reality. The correction to living in such a way is always a re-balancing toward reality.

We cannot make so what isn’t so. You can push a pendulum in one direction and pretend that is its resting position. But eventually you will have to move from this position and the true resting position, determined by gravity, will become clear to all after some wild swings.

But we doubt this law of nature. We think ourselves so clever that our lies and manipulations might work. We stand holding our false pendulum positions as though we are creating reality. Yet reality refuses to bend to our wishes. There is a natural order to the universe, a perfect design to the way humans were meant to relate and communicate. To break this is to make life hell.

The politicians are the worst offenders. Every politician and party lies all the time. Worse yet, they never come clean—even in the face of disaster, even when caught red-handed. They continue to lie, despite vast numbers of people knowing the truth. Even worse than this—they continue to try to control us, make rules for us, and punish us when we error. Because they have no moral authority, they are clearly seen by the population as nothing other than violent thugs and abusers whose lives are meaningless.

Everyone does have a right to different ideologies and viewpoints. But no one has a right to manipulate the facts or events to support an agenda or ideology. The self-appointed ruling elite, the corporate media, the news, the politicians on all sides—they are living in a hell of their own making and their toxic ignorance about the nature of reality is spilling over onto us like never before. It hurts, it will not work, and can only create suffering and crisis. Everything done dishonestly ultimately fails—and the greater the lies, the harder the crash.

The world can only heal when more of us become committed to speaking the truth openly—every bit of truth about everything we are, everything we think, everything we see, everything we feel, everything we want and do. Even beyond this, we must commit to always wanting and seeking truth from everyone—no matter how inconvenient, difficult, or painful it is. To do this is to make your life real.

Truth is the same as honesty, and openness is part of it as well. I’m not talking about “deeper truth” or “universal truth”—telling the truth and wanting truth is enough. It is the path toward healing on a global level, the only thing more powerful than all the technology, media platforms, and weapons combined—the truth shall prevail. Read about this in-depth in my free eBook “The Switch”.


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