The Great Reset, if genuine, might even work—but only after a massive apology, a total coming clean for every fictitious event and news story.
Abscondo Podcast #90: Love, spiritual awakening, and world events with Prasad Paul Duffy

The problems of the world are not the result of people being true to who we are

Is a dog lacking something? A tree? A flower? Should every life form be ashamed of themselves or aspire to be something more? Should we? Just like any other creature, are we not perfectly capable of doing what we are meant to do and being as we naturally are?

The problems of the world are not the result of people being true to who we are. The problems are caused when we are either 1) violently forced into being less than ourselves, or 2) forced in a direction that is considered better or more advanced.

Parents, schools, the church, the government, the bosses, the media—everyone is always trying to shape us. There are so many rules about what we cannot do, say, or be. When we are violently forced to become less than we naturally are, we get angry, depressed, cynical, and violent.

Those very same sources of false authority then come along and tell us that we must become more. Work your way to the top, become a doctor or lawyer, earn more money, invent some big breakthrough, save the world. How absurd that we are expected to become more within a system that first forces us to become less.

To live in a system where there is no respect for personal liberty is to be violently pulled in these two directions—toward being less and being more—while the truth about your natural balance is forgotten. Remembrance of that truth is called self-love. That feeling of love within is only the feeling of rediscovering your natural state. That feeling of positive energy, joy, and bliss is the way you were supposed to feel all along if you had not been damaged by a society designed to control you by making you less and then exploit you by forcing you to become more.

A flower does not need to be pulled from the ground. To fulfill its ultimate destiny, it only needs to be born in the right soil and then left alone to become what it is. Attempt to pull it or shape it and you can only do harm.

We are already perfect and complete—born with beautiful minds, with the ability to communicate, to work, to create, to walk and run, to reproduce, and so much more. Even without corporate computers, smart phones, vaccines, and digital security systems, we are already perfect and complete. You want to save the world and restore perfect balance and health? Stop messing with everything and leave us alone.


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