Understanding the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, and the Great Reset
The problems of the world are not the result of people being true to who we are

The Great Reset, if genuine, might even work—but only after a massive apology, a total coming clean for every fictitious event and news story.

Yesterday’s post—my complete surrender to United Nations-sponsored totalitarian, global coupe as a response to COVID-19—well, my words may have seemed strange. Strange it would be, indeed, for anyone to agree with this—at least not with the way it is being carried out. If the UN and the world’s most powerful people are genuinely going forward with this plan (essentially in plain view), either they underestimated the intelligence of the population by a longshot—or still something else is going on here.

Many people around the world are monitoring and discussing the COVID numbers using their technology (Google, Facebook, etc.). We are comparing it with annual pneumonia deaths from other years, also noticing how the death rates vary in different countries—and many of us are concluding that COVID-19 is more or less a normal flu (not some terrible pandemic that would require these horribly oppressive measures that are plummeting the world economy into chaos).

Even a small amount online searching for videos having to do with Davos 2020, the Great Reset, or Klaus Schwab will leave us without any doubt that all of this is being orchestrated for the very aims they are apparently shooting for: mandatory vaccines, severe government restrictions on personal liberty, governments openly working directly with the world’s most powerful corporations. They have even gone so far as to publish a video on the UN’s own website about forcing technology upon us that reads our thoughts. Seriously, this stuff isn’t made up!

If the claims are true—that they want to create a better world, where our lives are better, safer, more comfortable—why not just get on with it? If they want to overthrow the current system, why not use their media to expose the corruption of governments and the corporations? Why not announce that employees of major corporations can now work from home, because it is fun, and that they are renovating the offices to house the homeless?

Outside the global elite, people were not happy with the state of the world. If they wanted to create a fairer, greener, more just world, why not use their media to sell the ideas and just put it into place in the open, with our consent? Why the need to senselessly scare us for a year, muzzle us with masks, kill small businesses, fund riots in major cities, etc., etc.?

If you are offering a better future, get on with it. There will be no resistance. Convince us that this green, interconnected, modern future is awesome. Instead, you chose untruth and fear, you even sensor us in your media, which breaks the relationship right from the start.

It is a law of nature that nothing real can be gained without complete openness, truth, and honesty. It doesn’t matter if you run the world’s most powerful entity—miss the mark here and your efforts are in vain. The destination you seek will never become real. It will cause only ongoing suffering and the end will always be crisis (read my free eBook “The Switch” to grasp this concept fully).

Of course the Great Reset will likely not work. It may change some things about how business operates, and hopefully even for the good. I believe Klaus Schwab genuinely wants a better world, and his idea of stakeholder capitalism is brilliant. But the population is not going to buy into this whole vision.

As soon as people become aware of the Great Reset, there will be so much resistance by everyone at every step. What they are proposing is essentially humanity’s worst nightmare (despite some nice ideas like saving the planet and greater tolerance and equality).

So, this leaves me thinking: are they really mismanaging the situation this badly, or is the plan different from how it seems on the surface. Is the real plan to mismanage everything in order to create chaos and get the population to revolt?

Is the real plan to further strengthen the position of the global elite, who remain safe inside their corporate walls, while those on the outside fight for our lives against the greatest oppression and injustice humans have faced by far? Maybe they know that human beings could never stand for this…and they are trying to instigate a destructive reaction.

As I said, I genuinely will try to accept whatever happens in the world as it is and make the best of it. But I will also greet any situation with honesty and truth—as I see it—and will be open to talking with or serving anyone in need of genuine help. You want technology to read my thoughts? Here are my thoughts. If anyone involved directly in the Great Reset is reading this...if your AI has brought this to your attention, I am glad. The technology is working correctly. You need to have a conversation with the millions of people in the world like me. 

The Great Reset, if genuine, might even work—but only after a massive apology, a total coming clean for every fictitious event and news story. How can they sincerely be trying to create a better future when the first step was to utterly erode the people’s trust?

As we watch this play out in the coming months and years, the only answer is to turn to the thought system of perfect love, to want only truth, to awaken to consciousness—the real you, which is always beyond threat or manipulation. Our soul is all we have, and it is ours in this life and beyond. I’m here for anyone who wants to discuss this—who is struggling with this.

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