What is really going on in the world?
Trump and the Art of War

The fallen person needs to feed on your suffering. Don't be the food.

Why is the news spreading fear? Why is the government scaring us? Why do we sometimes get treated abusively by doctors, nurses, teachers, and others in positions of authority? The underlying question is: why would a person want another person to suffer?

To those of us who are conscious and guided by love—who are basically good and kind—it makes no sense why anybody would want to inflict pain and suffering onto others. To understand why this happens, we must understand ego.

As Eckhart Tolle explains, every person who lives in the egoic state experiences suffering. It is as if they are possessed by something, which he calls this the “pain body”. Every few days or so, the pain body needs to feed. It attacks others to cause a negative emotional response—to create drama and madness. The ego can fake politeness for a while to draw people in, but it cannot stand positive energy and harmony for long before it needs to feed.

Over the last few decades, a massive number of people in the world have spiritually awakened. Once you have found salvation, these ego attacks no longer have any effect. You no longer are controlled by the projection of fear or negativity. Your vision and thinking is clear and undaunted. Those who remain in the egoic state and are looking to feed (which is still normal in this world) have no control over you. You are free. This drives them crazy.

The ruling elite, those self-important people in positions of authority, feed on the pain and suffering of others. In many countries, for example, the healthcare system has become a system of torture. Practically every institution of government functions to generate fear, to attack, to punish. The media celebrities also feed off our fear and suffering. These corrupted centralized institutions are a powerful, collective ego that feeds on our suffering to sustain itself.

Now imagine the tragic emotional state of people who have become deeply corrupted through easy money and favors, who owe favors to bad people, who fear for their own lives if they do not comply. Imagine how unbearable it would be for this person to meet someone who is filled with perfect joy, who is as uncorrupted as a child, who understands oneness and loves every creature, who knows no suffering and experiences abundance in every area of life. The fallen person will do everything possible to attack and to cause suffering. This is what is happening in the world.

We cannot be food. We should respond to all attacks by ignoring it entirely rather than fighting back in defense. We cannot give in to fear, hatred, arguments, or any form of toxicity. This is what the sick egos of the world want. Instead, simply do not comply. Do not watch the programing or submit to the measures.

To stay engaged, we can check the real news once or twice per day, look at the sickness and illusions, then withdraw attention. We cannot get addicted or we go into depression, which is exactly what they want. Instead, we can ignore the insane mandates. We can smile. We can love. We can create. We can laugh. We can relax, meditate, and allow ourselves to feel good all the time.

Keep the vibrations high. Do not feel guilty about your joy. Do not sink into despair. What we are witnessing is the death of ego. Do not feed it. Let it die. Let love, truth, freedom, and beauty reign.