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Stress and fear are always caused by faith in illusions. When you are ready to end this hell, know that you have all the power to dispel illusion now.

Now, in the world, we have been trapped by two different thought systems of fear. Some of us are afraid of COVID and will do anything to avoid catching it. Others are afraid of the authoritarian global government, the destruction of the economy, the removal of personal liberty or worse. This debate is only between which side to fear, but by choosing either side we are choosing the same thing: crippling stress caused by fear. Whatever position we take, what we have in common is that we are more stressed out than ever before in our lives. This is by design.

You may think I am delusional in saying that we have nothing to fear. But fear is always the illusion. Whichever side you are on, just watch the news or look at the headlines. The only consistency you see is that it is all crazy and it is all about fear, fear, fear. There is no other possible goal here. It has always been this way, but the fearful chatter once in the background has now escalated to fear warfare.  

Why would the people in charge of the media, the other corporations, and the governments want to scare us? Well, to cripple us. The planned Great Reset agenda is the reason for all of this. This is a new economy that requires us to let go of our past identities, our expectations about life, and our former obligations that we thought were set in stone.

The reason we fear is that we are identified with our life situation. These ideas about “who am I”—my looks, my status, my profession, my nationality, my possessions—this is the illusion. Believe this is the truth about you, and you are terrified by the thought that it will be taken away.

Your life situation is probably going to fundamentally change. It already has changed in a way that would have terrified you one year ago. Those who have waged this fear war against the population may have good intentions—saving the planet from climate change and destruction, advancing humanity beyond our obvious problems—but they are wrong because the solution to the problems of the world can never be found in fear.

Most people think that the opposite of love is hate. The opposite of love is fear. When we fear, our hearts are not free to love. We withdraw into a dark place where there is low energy, hopelessness—it is a slide toward death. The way to end fear is not to look at its causes more deeply or to fight it. The only way to end stress and fear is through love.

When we learn what love really is, and shift our attention toward only love—love of the self, love of family and friends, love of every person in the world and every creature—only then fear cannot exist. In the state of love, we have limitless energy, we are our best selves, we create and serve, we embrace change, and we feel safe no matter what.

They say God is love. This means love is God. It is the same thing, and in this world both words are entirely misunderstood. Everyone understands what love feels like, but what we have never learned is to harness it completely and to be love each moment of each day no matter what is happening in the world. This is entirely within your power and the only way out from this hell—but only if you commit to a basic spiritual practice of some reading, meditation, and literally putting the spiritual principles into practice with your full faith.

COVID is nothing to be afraid of, and if you are free from fear it cannot kill you. On the flip side, they do not have the technology or the authoritarian power to enslave the human soul. Consciousness, the life force itself, is what we are and is beyond threat.

Their power over us requires our compliance. We comply by making fear real. Those who cling to fear will die from it. If depopulation is one of the goals to save the world, it will be a self-inflicted depopulation caused by overwhelming stress and even suicide.

If you want a way out from this hell, withdraw your attention from world events. You can have a basic understanding of what’s going on while recognizing that it is all an illusion to make you feel that you are vulnerable and have no power, that you have everything to fear.

Immerse yourself in truly spiritual literature like A Course in Miracles, the Tao Te Ching, Eckhart Tolle, Michael A. Singer, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, or the millions of others (the work I do is partially derived from this). Begin a simple meditation practice. Read about what love truly is through writers such as Don Miguel Ruiz or Thich Nhat Hanh. Learn about your true identity as consciousness, spirit, love. Now you will no longer be enslaved by a world that uses fear against you. This is what freedom means. It is claimed within and then the external world around you changes.

There are many paths to awakening, but any awakening must be an awakening from fear. Fear is the world, fear is ego. If you are afraid or stressed, it is because your faith is in the illusions of the world and of the ego. Find out what the ego is, see it for what it is, notice your state of being, most importantly—know that this is not inevitable.

You may also be able to get to this state though traditional religions, but only if you are prepared to put into practice exactly what is taught by Jesus, The Buddha, etc. There is no magic to the rituals or words, no power to the affiliation to an organization, but all power is yours only in the lesson—and the only lesson is love. When you are ready to escape this hell, the path toward heaven is right before you.


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