I only want the truth
As I write daily post #650, I am reminded that these lessons are sometimes difficult for even me to follow.

Propaganda only works until the truth is revealed

Where there are only lies, propaganda works. Where all the political parties are corrupt, or when all the sources of information are biased, propaganda works. If the truth about world events is hidden, then minds are controlled by propaganda.

The spell is only broken when the truth is known and is proven as fact. After this, the statements of any politician, or the opinions of any news show, have no power against the hard evidence of actual emails, letters, pictures, and videos all explaining undeniable events. In the light of hard evidence, hearts and minds change in an instant.

The first America President, George Washington, once said, “Truth will ultimately prevail, where there is pains to bring it to light.”  If even a single person in this world wants truth fully and above all else, and is willing to go to great pains to reveal it, then indeed the truth will ultimately prevail.

Case in point: right now, only a few fearless men such as Steve Bannon, the unmentionable one called by a single letter, Julian Assange, Ed Snowden, Donald Trump, Sebastian Gorka, and several others are carrying out an operation to expose the whole rotten, corrupt, sick system that has enslaved humanity since before any of us were born. They are doing it only by telling the truth and, as they do, the movement is growing exponentially.

You cannot defeat darkness with different darkness, or illusion with a different illusion, or ideology with another ideology, or one crime with another crime. If you want to defeat evil, you need to want the truth, look at the truth, tell the truth, and do so relentlessly without fear no matter what it is.

When this happens, the corrupt elite and all their institutions of slavery and suffering are exposed. Their fake news is discredited. Their lies have no power over us. Not everyone will be convinced because not everyone believes in honesty. Many will surely attempt to hang on to the old illusions for a time. But, to do so, they will need to rely on crazy conspiracy theories—none of which will explain away or discredit what is obviously real.

The truth has power even when it is unproven and is only a theory. But when it is proven and shown to the world beyond any doubt—and when this is done by people with loving intentions—the truth shall set us free.