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We can learn a lot from politics—what corrupt politicians and scandals teach us about life

We all know that the political realm is a swamp of lies. But even there—buried so deeply that it goes almost unseen—the truth about any situation, and the honest truth-tellers who reveal it, also do exist. For every scandalous political accusation, there is either a truth about what the politician did or there is a smear campaign. Only one can be true.

The Achilles heal of any politician or political party is the belief that well-crafted, well-planned lies are as good as the truth. The same goes for the politically motivated media and their endless smears. Only a fool can believe that a lie, if backed by the right motives and intentions, can be noble and is as good as honesty. Only a person who does not know reality, and believes it possible to craft his own version of it, can fall for this very common trap.

This is the fundamental error of ego: the belief that events can be manipulated in your favor, that secrets can be kept, that attack has power, that everything is relative—lies, truth, it is only a matter of who is more skillful and who wants it more. This game always seems to work for a while when everyone is playing along, when everyone is engaged in the same sleazy behavior. But if one person comes along who is willing to risk everything to tell the truth, then the truth-teller wins every time.

All real power is found in honesty—for only it is real. There is a truth to any situation. When the truth is pointed to, no further debate is required because it is easily recognized. Liars then become impotent. They can deny it, they can attack back, they can ignore it, but the truth is always there. Just as light always ends darkness, the truth always ends fiction.

Why do so many seemingly intelligent people attempt to manipulate reality through less than honest means? If you are right about something, then stand up and tell your truth. If the people agree, we will trust you completely and follow. But there is never a good or worthy cause that would require you to lie about anything. To do so is to, in time, destroy yourself and your own cause. This is the life lesson we can all learn.

So many good ideas and causes are being destroyed now by dishonest people with good intentions but no wisdom. But this isn’t true either, because if any cause is real—if it is true—then a decent person will eventually step up to light the way. Only then will the idea gain momentum. It will be carried forward by many with love in their hearts, and it will endure forever.

I don’t want to name names right now because, in the midst of this global coup, there are far too many. But this is my message to any politician or political activist who has ever been tempted to lie about anything: reality ensures your immediate and ongoing suffering, even if you seem to win a battle or find yourself living in some immaculate mansion. Furthermore, reality ensures that the whole thing will eventually be exposed to all. When this happens, which it will, your life’s work will be seen as an utter failure. Did you really think you had the power of God to shape reality?


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A beautiful conversation with a friend on the meaning of existence

I wanted to share an interesting conversation with a friend of mine. This was the conversation that flowed from yesterday's post:

Anonymous: The Constitution was created to give us the best chance of maintaining those freedoms we enjoy in peace from the government. Unfortunately, people have their ego/pride and gain selfish desires, wanting to limit other's freedoms so they can become more powerful. Usually it's a small group and the majority will stop them.

But if the majority of the people are wicked, then they are "ripe with iniquity" and they will willingly give away their freedoms for things that are carnal, dark, and meaningless in this world.

Me: It is always a question of how long hell on earth lasts  based upon the majority of people as you say, but time in eternity is meaningless.

Anonymous: This life will be but a blink in the eternities.
Which is interesting to say.
Why do you think this life is important? Or is it?

Me: It isn't, of course. Only eternity is, right?

Anonymous: Hmmm then why are we here?

Me: To learn and acquire experiences in this beautiful world of form. Every gain in consciousness is absorbed by the one consciousness. But consciousness is already complete, no? Apparently not, because without form nothing would happen and therefore nothing could be new. But life must include newness, and newness is life.

Anonymous: Hmm I am trying to understand this more. Does this cycle repeat until everything that can be learned or experienced comes to pass and then the consciousness is complete?
Why is form important?

Me: Consciousness is perfect stillness, being, God. I believe it is in the dimension of nothing. The spirit is invisible, love is invisible, life itself...or the force of life is imperceptible. All this is safe, beyond threat, because it is in the empty space. You can't attack it or swing at it...well, if you do, you won't change it.

But if that were all there was, nothing would happen, nothing more could be learned, it would just be being. But there is something about this dimension of the "unmanifested" that it needs to manifest.

From nothing comes something. But that consciousness is also within every "thing" that the 99.999% empty space within all matter...between the atom's walls and the is the same proportion of nothingness as the empty space between the planets...part of the order of things in the universe.

And the purpose for the "things" is for consciousness to dance, to learn, to play. The nature of consciousness...the force of life that it has to create, it has to experience newness, it has to continue to grow and expand, to learn, and I guess it will probably never stop. At least that's how I see it. What do you think?

Anonymous: What do I think of my question or what you said?

Me: Your question...or your answer to your question. like...why did God create us...form itself?

Rather than sharing his response, which is perhaps too personal, I ask my reader to comment by submitting your answer!

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What God created is safe from all corruption, unchanged and perfect in eternity (A Course in Miracles)

That which can be corrupted is not what God created; rather, only what humans have made. A Course in Miracles reveals a clear distinction between making vs. creating—and human beings are capable of both.

That which is made involves no love. Movements, institutions, governments, buildings, laws—all that human beings merely make are errors and, therefore, are entirely unstable and temporary. They are easily corrupted, conquered, destroyed, and then forgotten about.

But that which is created—including the unchangeable laws of the universe and even what humans create in perfect love—this is beyond corruption and is eternal. To create is to infuse spirit into the physical realm; but even this cannot exactly make the physical, material part beyond threat; rather, merely ensures that which is real about it is. Let me give an example.

In 2020, the world has been attacked by the dark forces of ego, which believes it can corrupt and achieve absolute power over each of us, even over the United States of America. All the soldiers of darkness believe there is power in dishonesty, manipulation, force, attack, and in fear. As we have seen all throughout history, brutal attempts to conquer fail badly even when they at first seem to have power.  

What the dark soldiers of ego fail to understand is the insanity of their own thought system—the belief that they are God and that they have power over reality. Reality is the one thing they will never understand. Reality is the love in our hearts, the honest thoughts in our minds, and all that we do and create through the power of this love. Reality is that the soul is beyond threat and will never be captured. Reality is that the truth shall prevail.

A person who knows what love is cannot fear and cannot be conquered. Similarly, a country is invulnerable to the extent that it is originally founded on the principles of God—love, truth, liberty. Because the Constitution of the United States of America, for example, was created with love, it is loved. Because it is loved, it is stronger than the forces of darkness and will endure. In other cultures, traditions are loved, national identities are loved, and all this will prevail for the simple reason that it is loved.
The soldiers of darkness can scare some of us into silent complicity for a while, they can seize control over the meaningless elements of society when nobody is paying attention, but when our divine selves remember who we are—when we look upon what they are attempting to make and see it in truth, we will cast it aside without any effort at all. We merely need to speak the truth, and the light returns. This outcome is certain in eternity.

This is the power of love, truth, freedom, life, God, faith—all words pointing to essentially the same thing. The opposite is only error and insanity, which has no lasting power at all. Spiritual understanding is a big deal now and always. Doubt this lesson and you will be tossed about in stress and fear for no reason at all. Understand it, and you have found peace because you understand reality.


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Understanding the secret to Donald Trump's political success

In politics, smear campaigns are routine. Time and again, whenever character assassinations have been carried out by those with the power of the media on their side, success has been emanant. This is what they have been trying to do to Donald Trump since the day he announced his campaign for President. The difference, this time, is that it has not worked. How is this possible?

The opposition throws everything at him, and they do so with the full force of the media. Yet he only seems to get stronger. There are the made-up scandals that ultimately prove untrue, the blanket accusations of racism and whatever else, the global echo-chamber shouting all of this through every media outlet all day every day (not only the news, but even the so-called comedy shows)—and yet his support has only increased all the while. How has he accomplished this?

Let me describe Donald Trump’s approach, which fools the opposition every single time. First, the man speaks his truth essentially unfiltered. He talks for hours with no notes, no teleprompters, and consistently tells it like he sees it. He talks to the public like someone might talk with his friends at a barbecue—not always perfect, but real. This approach probably outrages most people because maybe most people feel they cannot be so honest.

Many people are playing fake roles at work or at home. The celebrities on TV, for example, are all playing roles—making a career out of sacrifice and superficiality. Constantly playing a false persona, always trying to fit in, saying what you are supposed to say—this is the most difficult thing in the world to do. Yet almost everyone is doing it. As a result, we carry so much resentment, so much sadness, and we loathe ourselves for spending each day projecting and perpetuating images and viewpoints that are dishonest. I think this goes to the root of ego and human psychology.

The hatred of Trump, therefore, may flow from psychological projection. I think people hate themselves for faking, for being less than honest, for always sacrificing so much. Then they watch a non-conformist as President? His style undermines this entire system of faking. So the haters try to throw their self-loathing onto him—making wild accusations and doing so with such anger and rage, and blaming all these feelings on him. The haters appear very ugly and Trump knows how it undermines their cause.

Beyond his commitment to telling his truth, Trump’s second secret to success in politics is in how he responds to wild allegations. He doesn't do much to defend himself or counter-attack. He doesn't take things personally. To do so would be to make it seem real. What Trump does, instead, is that he simply states what is really happening—and goes all the way with it. Haters continue frantically spewing their toxic accusations. Once again, they can’t believe he dares to respond how honestly and "inappropriately" as he does (e.g. using terms “fake news” or “crooked Hillary”). Trump has done this time and time again—to enrage Hillary, the media, and all his opposition—none of whom understand the power of honesty and, therefore, fall for it every time.

So here you have one lone man—essentially against the world—who is winning by always telling his truth while the opposition shamelessly continues with the same tactics. Who do you think will win? The person presenting his honest vision of America, controlling his own narrative all the while, telling his truth, accomplishing some great things along the way, doing his best at his job? Or the millions of angry people engaged in obvious character assassinations; people who are perpetually crippled by an insane fear of a flu? So filled with hatred, they can’t even stand to listen to him speak or to consider the real forces behind all of this, which is the openly stated agenda of the Great Reset. The UN World Economic Forum is using the COVID situation to take full control of the world. This is a global coup to institute a new economy that is not capitalism and does not permit human rights.

The globalist opposition cannot win by telling the truth. Because so few would vote for it, they lie and manipulate the situation. But the strategy of character assassination only works when you are able to draw your opponent in by using the same methods in response. Trump will not fall for this trick and, after all these years, a whole world against him has not learned a thing. So he will continue to let haters think the accusations are real, then watch them make angry fools of themselves.

Trump knows that the truth needs no defense. He is who he is, he knows that he means well, that he loves his country and every person in it, and he makes no apologies. Even if he somehow loses this election, Donald Trump has demonstrated how the truth prevails even in the most vicious world we have ever seen.


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Stress and fear are always caused by faith in illusions. When you are ready to end this hell, know that you have all the power to dispel illusion now.

Now, in the world, we have been trapped by two different thought systems of fear. Some of us are afraid of COVID and will do anything to avoid catching it. Others are afraid of the authoritarian global government, the destruction of the economy, the removal of personal liberty or worse. This debate is only between which side to fear, but by choosing either side we are choosing the same thing: crippling stress caused by fear. Whatever position we take, what we have in common is that we are more stressed out than ever before in our lives. This is by design.

You may think I am delusional in saying that we have nothing to fear. But fear is always the illusion. Whichever side you are on, just watch the news or look at the headlines. The only consistency you see is that it is all crazy and it is all about fear, fear, fear. There is no other possible goal here. It has always been this way, but the fearful chatter once in the background has now escalated to fear warfare.  

Why would the people in charge of the media, the other corporations, and the governments want to scare us? Well, to cripple us. The planned Great Reset agenda is the reason for all of this. This is a new economy that requires us to let go of our past identities, our expectations about life, and our former obligations that we thought were set in stone.

The reason we fear is that we are identified with our life situation. These ideas about “who am I”—my looks, my status, my profession, my nationality, my possessions—this is the illusion. Believe this is the truth about you, and you are terrified by the thought that it will be taken away.

Your life situation is probably going to fundamentally change. It already has changed in a way that would have terrified you one year ago. Those who have waged this fear war against the population may have good intentions—saving the planet from climate change and destruction, advancing humanity beyond our obvious problems—but they are wrong because the solution to the problems of the world can never be found in fear.

Most people think that the opposite of love is hate. The opposite of love is fear. When we fear, our hearts are not free to love. We withdraw into a dark place where there is low energy, hopelessness—it is a slide toward death. The way to end fear is not to look at its causes more deeply or to fight it. The only way to end stress and fear is through love.

When we learn what love really is, and shift our attention toward only love—love of the self, love of family and friends, love of every person in the world and every creature—only then fear cannot exist. In the state of love, we have limitless energy, we are our best selves, we create and serve, we embrace change, and we feel safe no matter what.

They say God is love. This means love is God. It is the same thing, and in this world both words are entirely misunderstood. Everyone understands what love feels like, but what we have never learned is to harness it completely and to be love each moment of each day no matter what is happening in the world. This is entirely within your power and the only way out from this hell—but only if you commit to a basic spiritual practice of some reading, meditation, and literally putting the spiritual principles into practice with your full faith.

COVID is nothing to be afraid of, and if you are free from fear it cannot kill you. On the flip side, they do not have the technology or the authoritarian power to enslave the human soul. Consciousness, the life force itself, is what we are and is beyond threat.

Their power over us requires our compliance. We comply by making fear real. Those who cling to fear will die from it. If depopulation is one of the goals to save the world, it will be a self-inflicted depopulation caused by overwhelming stress and even suicide.

If you want a way out from this hell, withdraw your attention from world events. You can have a basic understanding of what’s going on while recognizing that it is all an illusion to make you feel that you are vulnerable and have no power, that you have everything to fear.

Immerse yourself in truly spiritual literature like A Course in Miracles, the Tao Te Ching, Eckhart Tolle, Michael A. Singer, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, or the millions of others (the work I do is partially derived from this). Begin a simple meditation practice. Read about what love truly is through writers such as Don Miguel Ruiz or Thich Nhat Hanh. Learn about your true identity as consciousness, spirit, love. Now you will no longer be enslaved by a world that uses fear against you. This is what freedom means. It is claimed within and then the external world around you changes.

There are many paths to awakening, but any awakening must be an awakening from fear. Fear is the world, fear is ego. If you are afraid or stressed, it is because your faith is in the illusions of the world and of the ego. Find out what the ego is, see it for what it is, notice your state of being, most importantly—know that this is not inevitable.

You may also be able to get to this state though traditional religions, but only if you are prepared to put into practice exactly what is taught by Jesus, The Buddha, etc. There is no magic to the rituals or words, no power to the affiliation to an organization, but all power is yours only in the lesson—and the only lesson is love. When you are ready to escape this hell, the path toward heaven is right before you.


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The truth shall prevail

I find it astounding how the world remains so ignorant on the topic of honesty. People do not know that lies are always eventually exposed, and that even before that—during the process of crafting and maintaining a dishonest version of reality—so much suffering is involved for yourself and others.

People think that all the suffering and sacrifice at the altar of dishonesty is a worthy price; but it never is because, in the end, nothing can be gained. The truth is eventually exposed every single time. In the end, nobody gets away with anything.

And yet we continue to lie. We lie because we believe there is some noble cause or good reason. It is so normal in the world to withhold truth just a little. But start down that road and “just a little” becomes a little more, and so on. In time, it becomes rather obvious to others that you are a fraud. Trust is eroded, authority lost, relationships broken, drama and crisis ensue, and everything falls apart.

Despite the best of intentions, even the best lies only seem to work for a while. I’m not making this up. This is how nature works. When we fall away from truth and honesty, we are living in a way that is not aligned with reality. The correction to living in such a way is always a re-balancing toward reality.

We cannot make so what isn’t so. You can push a pendulum in one direction and pretend that is its resting position. But eventually you will have to move from this position and the true resting position, determined by gravity, will become clear to all after some wild swings.

But we doubt this law of nature. We think ourselves so clever that our lies and manipulations might work. We stand holding our false pendulum positions as though we are creating reality. Yet reality refuses to bend to our wishes. There is a natural order to the universe, a perfect design to the way humans were meant to relate and communicate. To break this is to make life hell.

The politicians are the worst offenders. Every politician and party lies all the time. Worse yet, they never come clean—even in the face of disaster, even when caught red-handed. They continue to lie, despite vast numbers of people knowing the truth. Even worse than this—they continue to try to control us, make rules for us, and punish us when we error. Because they have no moral authority, they are clearly seen by the population as nothing other than violent thugs and abusers whose lives are meaningless.

Everyone does have a right to different ideologies and viewpoints. But no one has a right to manipulate the facts or events to support an agenda or ideology. The self-appointed ruling elite, the corporate media, the news, the politicians on all sides—they are living in a hell of their own making and their toxic ignorance about the nature of reality is spilling over onto us like never before. It hurts, it will not work, and can only create suffering and crisis. Everything done dishonestly ultimately fails—and the greater the lies, the harder the crash.

The world can only heal when more of us become committed to speaking the truth openly—every bit of truth about everything we are, everything we think, everything we see, everything we feel, everything we want and do. Even beyond this, we must commit to always wanting and seeking truth from everyone—no matter how inconvenient, difficult, or painful it is. To do this is to make your life real.

Truth is the same as honesty, and openness is part of it as well. I’m not talking about “deeper truth” or “universal truth”—telling the truth and wanting truth is enough. It is the path toward healing on a global level, the only thing more powerful than all the technology, media platforms, and weapons combined—the truth shall prevail. Read about this in-depth in my free eBook “The Switch”.


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Abscondo Podcast #90: Love, spiritual awakening, and world events with Prasad Paul Duffy

Today's podcast is available in video only. Prasad is a Writer, Producer and Director who has worked in Hollywood for many years.

For the past 35 years, he has also been active in the spiritual community and has become a true friend and even guru to countless people around the world. Join us for a spirited conversation about love, relationships, writing, and toward the end we even get into our views on COVID-19 and the Great Reset.

Enjoy our conversation and read more about Prasad at

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The problems of the world are not the result of people being true to who we are

Is a dog lacking something? A tree? A flower? Should every life form be ashamed of themselves or aspire to be something more? Should we? Just like any other creature, are we not perfectly capable of doing what we are meant to do and being as we naturally are?

The problems of the world are not the result of people being true to who we are. The problems are caused when we are either 1) violently forced into being less than ourselves, or 2) forced in a direction that is considered better or more advanced.

Parents, schools, the church, the government, the bosses, the media—everyone is always trying to shape us. There are so many rules about what we cannot do, say, or be. When we are violently forced to become less than we naturally are, we get angry, depressed, cynical, and violent.

Those very same sources of false authority then come along and tell us that we must become more. Work your way to the top, become a doctor or lawyer, earn more money, invent some big breakthrough, save the world. How absurd that we are expected to become more within a system that first forces us to become less.

To live in a system where there is no respect for personal liberty is to be violently pulled in these two directions—toward being less and being more—while the truth about your natural balance is forgotten. Remembrance of that truth is called self-love. That feeling of love within is only the feeling of rediscovering your natural state. That feeling of positive energy, joy, and bliss is the way you were supposed to feel all along if you had not been damaged by a society designed to control you by making you less and then exploit you by forcing you to become more.

A flower does not need to be pulled from the ground. To fulfill its ultimate destiny, it only needs to be born in the right soil and then left alone to become what it is. Attempt to pull it or shape it and you can only do harm.

We are already perfect and complete—born with beautiful minds, with the ability to communicate, to work, to create, to walk and run, to reproduce, and so much more. Even without corporate computers, smart phones, vaccines, and digital security systems, we are already perfect and complete. You want to save the world and restore perfect balance and health? Stop messing with everything and leave us alone.


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The Great Reset, if genuine, might even work—but only after a massive apology, a total coming clean for every fictitious event and news story.

Yesterday’s post—my complete surrender to United Nations-sponsored totalitarian, global coupe as a response to COVID-19—well, my words may have seemed strange. Strange it would be, indeed, for anyone to agree with this—at least not with the way it is being carried out. If the UN and the world’s most powerful people are genuinely going forward with this plan (essentially in plain view), either they underestimated the intelligence of the population by a longshot—or still something else is going on here.

Many people around the world are monitoring and discussing the COVID numbers using their technology (Google, Facebook, etc.). We are comparing it with annual pneumonia deaths from other years, also noticing how the death rates vary in different countries—and many of us are concluding that COVID-19 is more or less a normal flu (not some terrible pandemic that would require these horribly oppressive measures that are plummeting the world economy into chaos).

Even a small amount online searching for videos having to do with Davos 2020, the Great Reset, or Klaus Schwab will leave us without any doubt that all of this is being orchestrated for the very aims they are apparently shooting for: mandatory vaccines, severe government restrictions on personal liberty, governments openly working directly with the world’s most powerful corporations. They have even gone so far as to publish a video on the UN’s own website about forcing technology upon us that reads our thoughts. Seriously, this stuff isn’t made up!

If the claims are true—that they want to create a better world, where our lives are better, safer, more comfortable—why not just get on with it? If they want to overthrow the current system, why not use their media to expose the corruption of governments and the corporations? Why not announce that employees of major corporations can now work from home, because it is fun, and that they are renovating the offices to house the homeless?

Outside the global elite, people were not happy with the state of the world. If they wanted to create a fairer, greener, more just world, why not use their media to sell the ideas and just put it into place in the open, with our consent? Why the need to senselessly scare us for a year, muzzle us with masks, kill small businesses, fund riots in major cities, etc., etc.?

If you are offering a better future, get on with it. There will be no resistance. Convince us that this green, interconnected, modern future is awesome. Instead, you chose untruth and fear, you even sensor us in your media, which breaks the relationship right from the start.

It is a law of nature that nothing real can be gained without complete openness, truth, and honesty. It doesn’t matter if you run the world’s most powerful entity—miss the mark here and your efforts are in vain. The destination you seek will never become real. It will cause only ongoing suffering and the end will always be crisis (read my free eBook “The Switch” to grasp this concept fully).

Of course the Great Reset will likely not work. It may change some things about how business operates, and hopefully even for the good. I believe Klaus Schwab genuinely wants a better world, and his idea of stakeholder capitalism is brilliant. But the population is not going to buy into this whole vision.

As soon as people become aware of the Great Reset, there will be so much resistance by everyone at every step. What they are proposing is essentially humanity’s worst nightmare (despite some nice ideas like saving the planet and greater tolerance and equality).

So, this leaves me thinking: are they really mismanaging the situation this badly, or is the plan different from how it seems on the surface. Is the real plan to mismanage everything in order to create chaos and get the population to revolt?

Is the real plan to further strengthen the position of the global elite, who remain safe inside their corporate walls, while those on the outside fight for our lives against the greatest oppression and injustice humans have faced by far? Maybe they know that human beings could never stand for this…and they are trying to instigate a destructive reaction.

As I said, I genuinely will try to accept whatever happens in the world as it is and make the best of it. But I will also greet any situation with honesty and truth—as I see it—and will be open to talking with or serving anyone in need of genuine help. You want technology to read my thoughts? Here are my thoughts. If anyone involved directly in the Great Reset is reading this...if your AI has brought this to your attention, I am glad. The technology is working correctly. You need to have a conversation with the millions of people in the world like me. 

The Great Reset, if genuine, might even work—but only after a massive apology, a total coming clean for every fictitious event and news story. How can they sincerely be trying to create a better future when the first step was to utterly erode the people’s trust?

As we watch this play out in the coming months and years, the only answer is to turn to the thought system of perfect love, to want only truth, to awaken to consciousness—the real you, which is always beyond threat or manipulation. Our soul is all we have, and it is ours in this life and beyond. I’m here for anyone who wants to discuss this—who is struggling with this.

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