A reason for optimism: the coming together of conservatives, new-agers, Trump supporters, and all truth-seekers
In you is all of Heaven. (A Course in Miracles)

My loving message to the ruling elite: we don’t want revenge, we want freedom and healing

It is said that, if you can make people afraid, you can control them and get them to do anything. We were supposed to be very afraid of COVID-19—distracted enough by the health risks to surrender our freedom. We were supposed to agree to all sorts of things we would never agree to.

If we were supposed to be terrified by this so-called pandemic, you failed in the execution. A constantly increasing number of people are not afraid of COVID so much as we are afraid of our governments, big tech, and the media. Not only are we afraid of these oppressors of personal liberty, these perpetually dishonest individuals and institutions who have attempted to claim total control over us, we are also being made rather miserable by this whole thing for a very long time now. You’re not making us scared; you’re making us miserable.

Miserable people are not like fearful people. Miserable people start asking questions. We fail to accept the lies. We think clearly. We pause our busy lives to do some research, find the truth, communicate, and come to conclusions.

In the case of our world affairs in 2020, a massive number of us have come to the conclusion that to stay silent is far more dangerous than to speak the truth. This happened in small pockets at first, then in ripples, then in waves, and now it is a large global tidal wave that will flood the world with truth.

The strongest propaganda campaign in history has been executed, but it was done poorly by an elderly, lazy, corrupted, uninspired, immoral and profoundly dishonest elite who, yourselves, are living in crippling fear. Maybe your greatest fear of all is that we are not afraid, that your strategies are failing, and that everything you’ve done in life is about to be known.

If you had taken some time along your life path to pause, reflect, to read some of the world’s truly great works of eternal wisdom, then you would have come to know the true nature of reality. You would have awakened to the fact that everything hidden is ultimately exposed. That everything done without love in your heart is an error and is ultimately powerless. That in the day-to-day conduct of your life, you have caused so much unnecessary suffering for yourselves and so many people—and for no good reason.

Even still, if you atone, surrender to truth, come to God through one of the various paths, find out what ego is and what love is, apologize, and make right—then what you cannot possibly imagine is that we are capable of forgiveness.

You cannot hide. To move forward, you need to start being honest or your private hell will only escalate. This is not me saying this—I have no power of my own. I’m just sharing what I’ve learned about the nature of reality, which has been understood by profits, sages, and enlightened people through the ages.

You have underestimated the intelligence and bravery of regular people. But now you underestimate our capacity for forgiveness and understanding. You might hate yourself so much for what you have done, but there is a way out from this and it is only by telling the whole truth—about exactly what you’ve done, how it made you feel, and how wrong you know it is. Healing is only possible through truth and forgiveness.

I’ll speak for myself, but I believe others feel the same way. We don’t want revenge and we don’t want anyone to suffer unnecessarily—not even you. We care about you and about your healing as well as ours. There is a way forward.