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The fallen person needs to feed on your suffering. Don't be the food.

Why is the news spreading fear? Why is the government scaring us? Why do we sometimes get treated abusively by doctors, nurses, teachers, and others in positions of authority? The underlying question is: why would a person want another person to suffer?

To those of us who are conscious and guided by love—who are basically good and kind—it makes no sense why anybody would want to inflict pain and suffering onto others. To understand why this happens, we must understand ego.

As Eckhart Tolle explains, every person who lives in the egoic state experiences suffering. It is as if they are possessed by something, which he calls this the “pain body”. Every few days or so, the pain body needs to feed. It attacks others to cause a negative emotional response—to create drama and madness. The ego can fake politeness for a while to draw people in, but it cannot stand positive energy and harmony for long before it needs to feed.

Over the last few decades, a massive number of people in the world have spiritually awakened. Once you have found salvation, these ego attacks no longer have any effect. You no longer are controlled by the projection of fear or negativity. Your vision and thinking is clear and undaunted. Those who remain in the egoic state and are looking to feed (which is still normal in this world) have no control over you. You are free. This drives them crazy.

The ruling elite, those self-important people in positions of authority, feed on the pain and suffering of others. In many countries, for example, the healthcare system has become a system of torture. Practically every institution of government functions to generate fear, to attack, to punish. The media celebrities also feed off our fear and suffering. These corrupted centralized institutions are a powerful, collective ego that feeds on our suffering to sustain itself.

Now imagine the tragic emotional state of people who have become deeply corrupted through easy money and favors, who owe favors to bad people, who fear for their own lives if they do not comply. Imagine how unbearable it would be for this person to meet someone who is filled with perfect joy, who is as uncorrupted as a child, who understands oneness and loves every creature, who knows no suffering and experiences abundance in every area of life. The fallen person will do everything possible to attack and to cause suffering. This is what is happening in the world.

We cannot be food. We should respond to all attacks by ignoring it entirely rather than fighting back in defense. We cannot give in to fear, hatred, arguments, or any form of toxicity. This is what the sick egos of the world want. Instead, simply do not comply. Do not watch the programing or submit to the measures.

To stay engaged, we can check the real news once or twice per day, look at the sickness and illusions, then withdraw attention. We cannot get addicted or we go into depression, which is exactly what they want. Instead, we can ignore the insane mandates. We can smile. We can love. We can create. We can laugh. We can relax, meditate, and allow ourselves to feel good all the time.

Keep the vibrations high. Do not feel guilty about your joy. Do not sink into despair. What we are witnessing is the death of ego. Do not feed it. Let it die. Let love, truth, freedom, and beauty reign.


What is really going on in the world?

A profound shift is happening. People are losing trust in the system. We no longer believe the corporate media, the government, or the healthcare system. We see that they are controlled by the globalists who have infiltrated the United Nations, World Health Organization, the FBI, as well as many of the largest corporations in Big Tech, Finance, and Media. They apparently have all been corrupted by the Chinese Communists, who are joined together with the secret societies and other elements.

This is a coalition not of ideas and values to win the hearts and minds of the people. It is a coalition of violent and dishonest force. The people behind this cabal are deeply sick. Lacking love in their hearts, they have become corrupted with symbols of power and status, with sexual depravity and violence. Like the mafia, they are entangled together through bribes and criminal financial activity.

They have colluded to use these worldly tools of power to pollute our minds and to corrupt the politicians through any means necessary. Why? Because for many years already, the patriots of the world have been uncovering these sick truths. They know it is being exposed and this is their last hope of saving themselves from what is coming.

The desperate COVID lie was designed to cause fear in the world and to destroy the capitalist economy through lockdowns. Phase two is to initiate the UN’s Great Reset initiative, which establishes this united, dark cabal as the only source of power—much like the Communist Party is the only source of control in China. The idea is to dismantle our nations and constitutions, to undo law and order, and for them to rule by decree as they are already trying to do.

If they think that someone should die, they will murder. If they decide that the world needs to be depopulated, then genocide. No more free speech. Oppressive security. Free will is no longer acceptable. The message is to obey, comply, agree—or die. Then there are some nice words about equality, about human advancement, and about saving us from global warming if we go along with the whole thing. I am not making this up. This is what the UN’s World Economic Forum is openly saying.

Theirs is a sick morality that knows nothing of God or consciousness. Because they are corrupted, they don’t know the power of love, truth, and beauty. They forgot what they once knew as children—that humans are good, that we are part of nature, that each one of us is filled with inspiration and divinity. They do not understand anything beyond the ego, and the ego knows nothing. All truth is beyond the ego, and the dimension of truth is what they are utterly blind to.

So this is what we are dealing with. From here, there are a few different scenarios that might unfold. In one scenario, the patriots of the world expose this in such a way that the population can see the truth and accept it. In this scenario, the sick and corrupted are rooted out so that decent people will run the institutions of the world. We re-establish the social contract (legitimate law and order). This is what Trump supporters and other patriots around the world are fighting for.

The other scenario is that the people of the world lose all trust in authority, in the state, in corporations, in the healthcare systems, in school, everything. The world then descends into anarchy and wars. For those not aligned with God, unconditional love, or presence; this would be a very dark time that would last for many years. The ultimate outcome would be healing because the truth shall always prevail. But so much would be destroyed and many would suffer and die in the process.

Another possible scenario is a truce—a secret agreement that their crimes will not be exposed. They would retreat, and life would continue as before. This has been the status quo for a long time, but doesn’t seem to be the path we are on anymore.

The one scenario that cannot happen is that the globalist agenda will be implemented just as planned. It is impossible because people will not accept it. No human can live under the conditions they are proposing. It is a fantasy. Their technology does not work as intended. They are incompetent leaders, poor liars, and they are far too confused to gain any following. Reality is not such that sick people can attain lasting power. To believe so is to fail to understand reality.

Finally, there is one ideal scenario—one perfect answer—and it is the loving response. This deeply unhappy, sick elite might find it in their hearts to recognize their fundamental errors. Apologize for all of it. Atone. Ask the people for forgiveness. Confess everything and work to make it right.

I honestly believe the decent people of the world (the majority) could forgive. If you correct things, we don’t want punishment and revenge. We know that the path of sin and error can lead only to suffering and crisis. We know they have already paid for their sins just by the way they have been living. I believe we could hold their hands and help them through their crisis. We could teach them the ways of wisdom and healing—which is forgiveness. All the world would be filled with love and joy.


As I write daily post #650, I am reminded that these lessons are sometimes difficult for even me to follow.

With the ongoing threats and dishonesty in the media, the shocking news coming out of the political world, the confusion, the clashes between people, the escalating economic suffering and general frustration felt by almost everyone in a world that appears to have gone insane—I have had some days of low energy and depression.

I have written, again and again, that we cannot seek happiness in the external world. We cannot wait for everything to align—for the outcomes we hope for to materialize—as a condition for our joy. This is the fundamental error we have been talking about, yet I have committed it at times.

A question for any spiritually awakened person to confront is this: to what degree to I engage with the matters of the world and to what degree do I withdraw attention for the purpose of inner peace?

The thing is, I believe there are times in life when it is necessary to engage, to go to battle, or at least learn about and discuss the most important matters of the world. It would not seem right to retreat into isolation when our brothers and sisters need our contributions.

Life is connected, with each part playing a role in the larger organism. Perhaps, in this case, healed people are called to provide some immunity in a human race that is being attacked by the sickness of corruption and exploitation.

But there is a price to pay in any battle. You are pulled away from perfect joy. You must look fear in the eye. You begin to hope for this outcome or resist that one. In a word: you might slip back into ego—becoming ineffective and falling into depression and suffering.

I pray every day that I can align with unconditional love and place my full faith in it—while also honoring the embrace of truth as a necessary condition for love. I hope to never forget that our perfect freedom, joy, and bliss do not depend upon anything external. I hope we all might allow ourselves to see beauty and inspiration everywhere. If we can do this each day with high energy and passion, we will have come together as one and the problems of the external world will vanish.

To the extent that my intended truth-telling has sounded more like attack, it was an error. To the extent that I have feared anything in this world at all, it was an error. To the extent that I have let anyone down, that was my ego. I—as my true identity—humbly ask for your forgiveness just as I offer it to myself through correction of error.


Propaganda only works until the truth is revealed

Where there are only lies, propaganda works. Where all the political parties are corrupt, or when all the sources of information are biased, propaganda works. If the truth about world events is hidden, then minds are controlled by propaganda.

The spell is only broken when the truth is known and is proven as fact. After this, the statements of any politician, or the opinions of any news show, have no power against the hard evidence of actual emails, letters, pictures, and videos all explaining undeniable events. In the light of hard evidence, hearts and minds change in an instant.

The first America President, George Washington, once said, “Truth will ultimately prevail, where there is pains to bring it to light.”  If even a single person in this world wants truth fully and above all else, and is willing to go to great pains to reveal it, then indeed the truth will ultimately prevail.

Case in point: right now, only a few fearless men such as Steve Bannon, the unmentionable one called by a single letter, Julian Assange, Ed Snowden, Donald Trump, Sebastian Gorka, and several others are carrying out an operation to expose the whole rotten, corrupt, sick system that has enslaved humanity since before any of us were born. They are doing it only by telling the truth and, as they do, the movement is growing exponentially.

You cannot defeat darkness with different darkness, or illusion with a different illusion, or ideology with another ideology, or one crime with another crime. If you want to defeat evil, you need to want the truth, look at the truth, tell the truth, and do so relentlessly without fear no matter what it is.

When this happens, the corrupt elite and all their institutions of slavery and suffering are exposed. Their fake news is discredited. Their lies have no power over us. Not everyone will be convinced because not everyone believes in honesty. Many will surely attempt to hang on to the old illusions for a time. But, to do so, they will need to rely on crazy conspiracy theories—none of which will explain away or discredit what is obviously real.

The truth has power even when it is unproven and is only a theory. But when it is proven and shown to the world beyond any doubt—and when this is done by people with loving intentions—the truth shall set us free.


I only want the truth

The reason we hide from or deny the truth is to maintain a sense of identity. “Who am I in this world?”—this is perhaps life’s most fundamental question.

To answer this question, we do our best to find out what we agree with. We try to figure out what is good, correct, popular, or cool. We make affiliations, we identify with this movement or that organization, and it seems that we gain that sense of identity.

When we think of identity, we mean something permanent. If you frequently change your mind, others may see you as confused or lost in the world. So, we cling to an idea even long after it has been corrupted and proven as utterly untrue. This is total confusion—embarrassing at best, criminal at worst.

The fundamental error here is false identity—a basic error of the ego. We are not our affiliations, our opinions, our status, our positions in life or anything else. There is a deeper identity within, which might be called love.

By assuming your deeper identity as love, you do the things that love does. Love requires honesty and wanting only truth always—even uncomfortable truth. Love is also kind, helpful, giving, eternal, and has many other characteristics.

The point is, when you claim your divine identity as love, then you have no problem instantly changing your mind about political affiliations, opinions, relationships, or anything else.

Now all loyalty is to truth itself, so you become very honest with yourself and others.

Now you are no longer threatened by changes in the world, by new information, or by anything at all because nothing is more real than love.

Here is what is truly fascinating: only by recognizing your identity as love can you end confusion.

Now you can align with reality, dig into it, talk about it, do something about it or accept it.

Now you become a truth-seeker. No more illusions; rather, a total embrace of the realities of this world and beyond.     


What is the cause of sexual perversion and sex crimes?

My answer is simple: sexual repression. Apparently, some people do not have much a sex drive. Most people do. Some do not have crazy fantasies and are not willing to experience something sexually exciting just because it feels good and is fun. Most people do and would.

But the whole world tells us that our sexual needs are bad and wrong. We are instantly punished at the mention of our sexual truths. We are forcefully driven into hiding and secrecy, where the fantasies become ever crazier and the needs ever stronger.

The healthy way to respond to a real sexual need is to enjoy it. You can be open about it with the right people. See if you can find someone who shares that fantasy or need. You can get to know each other. You can establish trust and respect. If you are both turned on, you can easily consent to doing whatever you want to and enjoy it fully.

This healthy attitude about sex never involves manipulation and certainly not prostitution or any other form of exploitation or abuse. You can have fun and try anything. You can find out what something is (or is not) and move on with life without all the obsession. You can get unstuck and free yourself from the frustrations of an unfulfilling sex life. In the process, you might even find true love. At the very least, you will form loving friendships.

Unfortunately, most people respond to sexual repression in an unhealthy way. They hide their deepest fantasies from others. The carnal drive toward human intimacy then becomes pornographic and detached from human relationships. People are objectified only as bodies to be conquered and exploited—not as sacred human beings who deserve love and respect.  

The sexually sick then manipulate people for sex. They may take advantage of their authority over people. They may cross boundaries and commit crimes. They may cheat on spouses and break families. They may use drugs to numb the pain. This is the spiral into madness, which can only end in the tragedy of crisis.

To want wild sex is normal, and there is a healthy response. If you are struggling with sexual repression, obsessed by unfulfilled fantasies, I know it can feel terribly frustrating. This very real part of you seems to make no sense from a rational perspective. You may even hate yourself for it.

But if your sexual needs are real for you, then you can embrace them. If a partner claims to love you, then this person can love everything about you—even this. You can give a partner this same freedom. Whatever turns you on is possible—but it needs to be done in truth and with love.

You cannot use people, but you can enjoy everything with them. Sin is where love is not. You can fulfill your sexual needs, but only in honesty and in truth. No cheating.     

How to talk with children about horrific sex crimes and political scandals

As we follow the shocking developments in the dark and corrupt world of politics, media, and big business, sometimes our children hear things. They naturally want to know what is going on. They ask us to tell them because they trust mom and dad above anyone else in the world. How is a parent to respond?

Any healthy, loving relationship needs to be based on honesty. The opposite of honesty is dishonesty. Isn’t dishonesty at the root of the evil deeds and scandals we are discussing? Yet tragically, parents are often less than honest with our children—justifying this by calling the manipulation of the truth “age appropriate” communication.

Our children will eventually find out the truth anyway. When that happens, they will remember our dishonesty and the relationship breaks. No more openness. No more trust. This is how any relationship deteriorates. This is not the way.

Our children do not need us to construct a version of the world that is sugar-coated and detached from reality. What they need is our unconditional love, support, openness, and honesty.

With love as the foundation in a family, children are strong enough to deal with the ugliness of the world. They are bright enough handle their own challenges. They are inspired enough to thrive against all odds. The world will throw them enormous challenges, but our job as parents is to show them what love is and how to love.

Any loving relationship absolutely requires honesty, openness, and unconditional acceptance. When we break this, we break our children. Of course, we do not need to talk about every gruesome detail, but we do need to be completely honest about the fundamental truths regarding false authority, crime, and injustice.

I am not suggesting we should share our hateful rants, scare our children, and leave it at that. Instead, these difficult conversations can be guided by our full faith in the power of love and truth over lies and deception.

Evil thrives in secrecy. If we are going to create a better world for ourselves and our children, we need to be open and honest about everything. We need to shine the light of love on the darkness. We need to teach our children the power of truth and goodness—love, itself—as the only force that always prevails over evil.


In you is all of Heaven. (A Course in Miracles)

We all feel it. The world is in a deep state of darkness. For such a long time, our so-called leaders have been lost in unimaginable sin and error. Their mistakes are so deep, so fundamental, and so shocking that good people cannot bare to look.

They have constructed a hell for themselves in which even their most extravagant excesses are not really enjoyed. To desperately cling to even this, they convince us of their worthiness as leaders just as they lead the world to hell and destruction.  

How can we have taken hell as reality when, all the while, in us is all of Heaven? What do these masters of darkness offer other than suffocating rules, violent threats, disgusting art, and disturbing ideas that pull us away from our natural state of Heaven?

Heaven is not an external reality that comes to you. It is not a place you can enter by leaving where you are and traveling far. Heaven is now and it is in you each time you choose love rather than fear.

“How better could your own mistakes be brought to truth than by your willingness to bring the light of Heaven with you, as you walk beyond the world of darkness into light?” -A Course in Miracles  


My loving message to the ruling elite: we don’t want revenge, we want freedom and healing

It is said that, if you can make people afraid, you can control them and get them to do anything. We were supposed to be very afraid of COVID-19—distracted enough by the health risks to surrender our freedom. We were supposed to agree to all sorts of things we would never agree to.

If we were supposed to be terrified by this so-called pandemic, you failed in the execution. A constantly increasing number of people are not afraid of COVID so much as we are afraid of our governments, big tech, and the media. Not only are we afraid of these oppressors of personal liberty, these perpetually dishonest individuals and institutions who have attempted to claim total control over us, we are also being made rather miserable by this whole thing for a very long time now. You’re not making us scared; you’re making us miserable.

Miserable people are not like fearful people. Miserable people start asking questions. We fail to accept the lies. We think clearly. We pause our busy lives to do some research, find the truth, communicate, and come to conclusions.

In the case of our world affairs in 2020, a massive number of us have come to the conclusion that to stay silent is far more dangerous than to speak the truth. This happened in small pockets at first, then in ripples, then in waves, and now it is a large global tidal wave that will flood the world with truth.

The strongest propaganda campaign in history has been executed, but it was done poorly by an elderly, lazy, corrupted, uninspired, immoral and profoundly dishonest elite who, yourselves, are living in crippling fear. Maybe your greatest fear of all is that we are not afraid, that your strategies are failing, and that everything you’ve done in life is about to be known.

If you had taken some time along your life path to pause, reflect, to read some of the world’s truly great works of eternal wisdom, then you would have come to know the true nature of reality. You would have awakened to the fact that everything hidden is ultimately exposed. That everything done without love in your heart is an error and is ultimately powerless. That in the day-to-day conduct of your life, you have caused so much unnecessary suffering for yourselves and so many people—and for no good reason.

Even still, if you atone, surrender to truth, come to God through one of the various paths, find out what ego is and what love is, apologize, and make right—then what you cannot possibly imagine is that we are capable of forgiveness.

You cannot hide. To move forward, you need to start being honest or your private hell will only escalate. This is not me saying this—I have no power of my own. I’m just sharing what I’ve learned about the nature of reality, which has been understood by profits, sages, and enlightened people through the ages.

You have underestimated the intelligence and bravery of regular people. But now you underestimate our capacity for forgiveness and understanding. You might hate yourself so much for what you have done, but there is a way out from this and it is only by telling the whole truth—about exactly what you’ve done, how it made you feel, and how wrong you know it is. Healing is only possible through truth and forgiveness.

I’ll speak for myself, but I believe others feel the same way. We don’t want revenge and we don’t want anyone to suffer unnecessarily—not even you. We care about you and about your healing as well as ours. There is a way forward.