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Propaganda only works until the truth is revealed

I only want the truth

The reason we hide from or deny the truth is to maintain a sense of identity. “Who am I in this world?”—this is perhaps life’s most fundamental question.

To answer this question, we do our best to find out what we agree with. We try to figure out what is good, correct, popular, or cool. We make affiliations, we identify with this movement or that organization, and it seems that we gain that sense of identity.

When we think of identity, we mean something permanent. If you frequently change your mind, others may see you as confused or lost in the world. So, we cling to an idea even long after it has been corrupted and proven as utterly untrue. This is total confusion—embarrassing at best, criminal at worst.

The fundamental error here is false identity—a basic error of the ego. We are not our affiliations, our opinions, our status, our positions in life or anything else. There is a deeper identity within, which might be called love.

By assuming your deeper identity as love, you do the things that love does. Love requires honesty and wanting only truth always—even uncomfortable truth. Love is also kind, helpful, giving, eternal, and has many other characteristics.

The point is, when you claim your divine identity as love, then you have no problem instantly changing your mind about political affiliations, opinions, relationships, or anything else.

Now all loyalty is to truth itself, so you become very honest with yourself and others.

Now you are no longer threatened by changes in the world, by new information, or by anything at all because nothing is more real than love.

Here is what is truly fascinating: only by recognizing your identity as love can you end confusion.

Now you can align with reality, dig into it, talk about it, do something about it or accept it.

Now you become a truth-seeker. No more illusions; rather, a total embrace of the realities of this world and beyond.     


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