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What is the cause of sexual perversion and sex crimes?

How to talk with children about horrific sex crimes and political scandals

As we follow the shocking developments in the dark and corrupt world of politics, media, and big business, sometimes our children hear things. They naturally want to know what is going on. They ask us to tell them because they trust mom and dad above anyone else in the world. How is a parent to respond?

Any healthy, loving relationship needs to be based on honesty. The opposite of honesty is dishonesty. Isn’t dishonesty at the root of the evil deeds and scandals we are discussing? Yet tragically, parents are often less than honest with our children—justifying this by calling the manipulation of the truth “age appropriate” communication.

Our children will eventually find out the truth anyway. When that happens, they will remember our dishonesty and the relationship breaks. No more openness. No more trust. This is how any relationship deteriorates. This is not the way.

Our children do not need us to construct a version of the world that is sugar-coated and detached from reality. What they need is our unconditional love, support, openness, and honesty.

With love as the foundation in a family, children are strong enough to deal with the ugliness of the world. They are bright enough handle their own challenges. They are inspired enough to thrive against all odds. The world will throw them enormous challenges, but our job as parents is to show them what love is and how to love.

Any loving relationship absolutely requires honesty, openness, and unconditional acceptance. When we break this, we break our children. Of course, we do not need to talk about every gruesome detail, but we do need to be completely honest about the fundamental truths regarding false authority, crime, and injustice.

I am not suggesting we should share our hateful rants, scare our children, and leave it at that. Instead, these difficult conversations can be guided by our full faith in the power of love and truth over lies and deception.

Evil thrives in secrecy. If we are going to create a better world for ourselves and our children, we need to be open and honest about everything. We need to shine the light of love on the darkness. We need to teach our children the power of truth and goodness—love, itself—as the only force that always prevails over evil.


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