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Understanding the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, and the Great Reset

Despair is not inevitable

Every single one of us has, at times, sought happiness by chasing something, hoping for something, or fighting or something in the world. We expect a relationship to make us happy. We chase money, status, or fame to build secure lives for ourselves and our families. We pray for racial justice and equality in the world, fight against climate change, advocate for animal rights, or believe in some other moral cause because we sincerely believe it will end despair in oursèlves and the world. We then try to convince people to see things our way and we blame them for our despair when the cause fails.

But doesn't the search for happiness in the external world always end in despair? The problem is that everybody has their own opinions about how to improve the world; and each of these views continuously clash. Through this ongoing struggle, there are advances and set-backs, gains and losses. Everything is born and then dies. Nothing lasts and the end is always despair.

For thousands of years, the world’s great spiritual teachers have said that to seek happiness in the world is to worship idols and to believe in illusions. Does this mean everything is hopeless and despair is inevitable? No. There is something beyond the temporary illusion of happiness. The word for ongoing happiness without the valleys of despair is “joy”.

I don’t care whether anything I write or say helps you find joy. There is no need here for my particular words or ideas to be validated or for me to mean anything. I don’t care whether you find joy through the same teachings as I did, or through a path that is entirely different. This is not about being right. I am not special in any way.

But I do know that, if you are in despair, it is because you have not taken the journey inward to the source of truth, love, and freedom inside you. If you had done so, you would have ended hopelessness and despair and found joy.

The irony is that, when you let go of the world’s causes—when you learn to focus on who and what you tuly are—only then can you fix the world. Only then does the blissful, peaceful feeling of love effortlessly pull you toward a stillness, diminishing your tendency to pollute and destroy. Only then does your ongoing expressions of love give joy to your children, family, and friends. Only then is your energy limitless. Rooted, in service to all, you even find a way to create financial abundance and stability while creating true value and without causing harm in the world.

This external success is not the cause of your joy; rather, it is the result of first finding joy within. So, this is the alternative to despair. There are endless paths and guides to take you there, but there is only one path. It is inward.


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