Propaganda only works until the truth is revealed
What is really going on in the world?

As I write daily post #650, I am reminded that these lessons are sometimes difficult for even me to follow.

With the ongoing threats and dishonesty in the media, the shocking news coming out of the political world, the confusion, the clashes between people, the escalating economic suffering and general frustration felt by almost everyone in a world that appears to have gone insane—I have had some days of low energy and depression.

I have written, again and again, that we cannot seek happiness in the external world. We cannot wait for everything to align—for the outcomes we hope for to materialize—as a condition for our joy. This is the fundamental error we have been talking about, yet I have committed it at times.

A question for any spiritually awakened person to confront is this: to what degree to I engage with the matters of the world and to what degree do I withdraw attention for the purpose of inner peace?

The thing is, I believe there are times in life when it is necessary to engage, to go to battle, or at least learn about and discuss the most important matters of the world. It would not seem right to retreat into isolation when our brothers and sisters need our contributions.

Life is connected, with each part playing a role in the larger organism. Perhaps, in this case, healed people are called to provide some immunity in a human race that is being attacked by the sickness of corruption and exploitation.

But there is a price to pay in any battle. You are pulled away from perfect joy. You must look fear in the eye. You begin to hope for this outcome or resist that one. In a word: you might slip back into ego—becoming ineffective and falling into depression and suffering.

I pray every day that I can align with unconditional love and place my full faith in it—while also honoring the embrace of truth as a necessary condition for love. I hope to never forget that our perfect freedom, joy, and bliss do not depend upon anything external. I hope we all might allow ourselves to see beauty and inspiration everywhere. If we can do this each day with high energy and passion, we will have come together as one and the problems of the external world will vanish.

To the extent that my intended truth-telling has sounded more like attack, it was an error. To the extent that I have feared anything in this world at all, it was an error. To the extent that I have let anyone down, that was my ego. I—as my true identity—humbly ask for your forgiveness just as I offer it to myself through correction of error.