What God created is safe from all corruption, unchanged and perfect in eternity (A Course in Miracles)
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A beautiful conversation with a friend on the meaning of existence

I wanted to share an interesting conversation with a friend of mine. This was the conversation that flowed from yesterday's post:

Anonymous: The Constitution was created to give us the best chance of maintaining those freedoms we enjoy in peace from the government. Unfortunately, people have their ego/pride and gain selfish desires, wanting to limit other's freedoms so they can become more powerful. Usually it's a small group and the majority will stop them.

But if the majority of the people are wicked, then they are "ripe with iniquity" and they will willingly give away their freedoms for things that are carnal, dark, and meaningless in this world.

Me: It is always a question of how long hell on earth lasts  based upon the majority of people as you say, but time in eternity is meaningless.

Anonymous: This life will be but a blink in the eternities.
Which is interesting to say.
Why do you think this life is important? Or is it?

Me: It isn't, of course. Only eternity is, right?

Anonymous: Hmmm then why are we here?

Me: To learn and acquire experiences in this beautiful world of form. Every gain in consciousness is absorbed by the one consciousness. But consciousness is already complete, no? Apparently not, because without form nothing would happen and therefore nothing could be new. But life must include newness, and newness is life.

Anonymous: Hmm I am trying to understand this more. Does this cycle repeat until everything that can be learned or experienced comes to pass and then the consciousness is complete?
Why is form important?

Me: Consciousness is perfect stillness, being, God. I believe it is in the dimension of nothing. The spirit is invisible, love is invisible, life itself...or the force of life is imperceptible. All this is safe, beyond threat, because it is in the empty space. You can't attack it or swing at it...well, if you do, you won't change it.

But if that were all there was, nothing would happen, nothing more could be learned, it would just be being. But there is something about this dimension of the "unmanifested" that it needs to manifest.

From nothing comes something. But that consciousness is also within every "thing" that exists...in the 99.999% empty space within all matter...between the atom's walls and the nucleus...it is the same proportion of nothingness as the empty space between the planets...part of the order of things in the universe.

And the purpose for the "things" is for consciousness to dance, to learn, to play. The nature of consciousness...the force of life itself...is that it has to create, it has to experience newness, it has to continue to grow and expand, to learn, and I guess it will probably never stop. At least that's how I see it. What do you think?

Anonymous: What do I think of my question or what you said?

Me: Your question...or your answer to your question. like...why did God create us...form itself?

Rather than sharing his response, which is perhaps too personal, I ask my reader to comment by submitting your answer!

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