What if you looked within and saw no sin? (A Course in Miracles)
Many resist what they do not want; few allow what they do.

Why do people ignore the spiritual message? Why is it so hard to help people heal?

I completely understand why almost everyone ignores the ideas people like me try to share. As my friend, Sara Bini told me just now, “People are so identified with their own personal needs and sometimes conflicting goals that they can’t even conceive of letting go of their egos.”   

Let’s get real, I didn’t care about any of this stuff either when I was trying to hold it all together. What I cared about was my marriage, my public image, my life story, what people thought of me, and my goals. Back then, the idea of spiritual awakening seemed insane—it would undermine everything about my life. I paid it no attention.

The promise of ending suffering is uninteresting until that day comes when you face a total existential crisis. When it all falls apart, and you can finally say “fuck it” to everything—that is the moment these ideas become everything. Until suffering becomes intolerable—which it does someday for everyone—none of this is interesting. Until then, please remember only this: there is a way to end suffering and to leave the hell behind.

My life crisis came about 5 years ago. I wish it had happened when I was much younger, because my life only began at the age of 40. This is a pretty normal age when we come to understand all the world’s lies, violence, and insanity and when our errors catch up with us. We can finally realize that we are not going to find happiness by fighting the world around us or by achieving anything. From there, we can choose to let it go and be free, or we can grumpily fake our way through life as we accelerate the slide into misery and old age.

When that moment comes, the few choose heaven over hell. They choose to die to this insane world by allowing the destruction of ego. Their lives then become a perfect reflection of everything that is true about every one of us—our goodness, love, and complete perfection at our core.

But nobody is going to take away anyone’s right to hide their perfection, to be unfree, to ignore the deeper truth about love and life. I get that and respect everyone’s decisions fully; but I am still going to make sure these ideas are lying around for those who may one day need them.


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