The world’s definition of success is to win the battle against yourself. Think about how insane such a victory would be.
Donald Trump is changing the course of history

The psychological term “projection” explains a lot about what is going on in the world today

To project is to subconsciously hate something about yourself—something that you have not quite come to terms with—and then attempt to rid yourself of it by throwing it on another guilty party. This never works.

How can we purge something from ourselves—or throw it outside of ourselves—by making so much noise about it? By doing so, you merely extend the concept from you out into the world, encouraging others to see your hatred of that trait or concept as your identity.

To get angry or worked up about someone else’s traits or behaviors is only possible when we first recognize what it is. The only way to recognize something is to first be familiar with it on a personal level.

The person slut-shaming someone wants a better sex life so badly he or she is angry about it. The person who hates Trump is taking part in a toxic relationship with him as an identity.

The African American community—a community that has seen so much self-inflicted violence—externalizes this by becoming entirely obsessed with police brutality (though this should never happen either). The same can be said about the police—many of them have violent tendencies which they hate about themselves, so they project that violence upon a minority rather than looking within and confronting their own demons.

Many Christians, rather than simply teaching the lessons of Jesus Christ, would rather damn those to hell who do not take his name as their Lord and Savior. This, too, is the externalization of their own lack of faith—which bothers them to the point of outrage.

The homophobe hates his or her own homosexual feelings. Maybe it can also be said that the homosexual person who strongly hates homophobes also hates something about his or her homosexuality.

The angry mask proponent strongly fears illness and death and hates him or herself for it. The angry anti-masker fears his or her own tendency to follow rules, and attempts to externalize this by blaming an enemy.

A healthy person—one who knows the self and has honestly looked within—is not bothered by the error and false opinions of others. That which has no truth has no power over you. To give someone else’s words, actions, or traits any power is to admit that it is also in you—and you hate yourself for it. Better to just accept whatever it is you do feel and what you do want.  Come to terms with you, your life, and your community.

Could it be that what we are fighting externally is an issue we need to solve within? To understand and openly talk about this concept is perhaps to initiate healing by learning to deal with and accept our own truths about ourselves in an honest way. When this is done, the errors and opinions of others no longer are recognizable and, therefore, no longer trigger an emotional reaction. We can see it for what it is—projection—which is a terrible, unnecessary, ineffective form of violence practiced by those who would do anything but look in the mirror honestly.

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