Chasing meaning where it cannot be found is the source of frustration and madness.
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So we’ve come to a fork in the road

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Before 2020 and the so-called pandemic, it felt like the road was straight and steady. It was never exactly a smooth ride and the views were not great, but we were traveling it for such a long time that it all felt so familiar.  

Then came a fork in the road. Even as all the so-called leaders and their unquestioning followers are pointing us clearly toward the paved road on the left, deep down we are questioning whether it is the way.

Gazing down this road, every sign appears incomprehensible, senseless, and confusing. We are told to trust our old guides, to believe they know what they are doing as they continue to assure us that this is the path to safety. And yet, all we see when we look in this direction is insanity with no end.

Is this not a road to nowhere, paved with fear? In truth, they are offering us only violence, confusion, sacrifice, and sickness. This is not like the road we have been on, and not one we would wish to take if there were a choice.

Thankfully, there is a choice. To the right, there is another direction. This road is paved with love. Here, the signs teach us always to forgive ourselves and others, to be our good selves and have fun, to accept reality, to speak honestly and seek truth, to enjoy each moment, to celebrate beauty, to live in perfect health, to create abundance by serving one another in freedom and inspiration, and to teach love to all those along the way who do not know what love is.

The right path is not a fearful road or a difficult journey, so it should not be a difficult decision at all. But it is unfamiliar.

A real choice must be made. Now that we can no longer go straight ahead, we all must choose either the path of ego on the left or the path of unconditional love on the right.

Thankfully, there is some time to learn about these two different roads, and time to contemplate this decision. But there is not much time, and the wrong choice could be deadly.

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