Did you know that the word “atonement” means “at one”?
The truth behind the Black Lives Matter & Antifa

Life is beautiful and fun. It need not be taken so seriously

I fell in love with basketball in the 7th grade. Nobody forced me into it, this was my decision. From that point on, I spent 2-3 hours a day practicing every single day until I was the best around. Sure, I had huge dreams and ambitions that were ultimately never quite fulfilled. But who cares? I was just having so much fun all the while. Basketball was mine and it was magic.

Beauty is what we are all capable of when we follow our inspirations and do what excites us. Of course, we all need money and we all need to do some work. But when we understand that work has a higher purpose, when we understand why we are doing it, we can approach even the most grueling work as a free person choosing our own path. No matter how the day is going, we can adopt a positive attitude and walk the higher path.

Outside of work, let’s give ourselves permission to do only what we find exciting and inspiring. We can extend that same freedom and encouragement to our children and loved ones. I want to inspire my children to choose their own sports or art forms. I can support their growth and development in a positive way so that there is never any pressure.

When my children go out into the world—when dealing with teachers at school, coaches, friends, bullies—my job as a parent is to let them know that I am on their side. I will never side with the teacher or coach. That’s their relationship. My job is to love them unconditionally at home and create a relationship we can all enjoy. If I succeed in this mission, if they feel my love and know that love is real in the world, they will have the power and confidence to navigate their own situations and relationships. They can handle it, and I need not interfere.

The world tries to beat us up and the path through life can sometimes seem grueling. But we are always free. We can follow our inspiration. We can approach work and school with a positive attitude; with an understanding of the reasons we are doing it, keeping that higher purpose front and center even as we also know that, in eternity, none of this really means anything.