Abscondo tells his true story of marriage, sex, monogamy, polyamory, threesomes & cheating.
What if you looked within and saw no sin? (A Course in Miracles)

Faith and vision and belief are meaningful only before the state of certainty is reached. (A Course in Miracles)

“In Heaven they are unknown. Yet Heaven is reached through them.”

These teachings are simple and are ultimately about just one thing: establishing complete certainty about love. This—the entering of heaven now, the awakening from the world’s dream of hell in this life and for eternity—cannot be achieved without first taking a leap of faith and trusting an inspired vision.

It is only through faith, vision, and belief that perfect love can be applied and put to the test in reality. Only when love is practiced completely, in every situation, can the truth about love be proven. This is how certainty is reached, and then there is no sliding back into confusion.

Establish faith, see the vision, and believe that perfect healing, total success, joy and salvation are possible. This is an inner journey that requires no sacrifice at all; rather, that you stop holding back your goodness, your truth, your passion, your freedom, your beauty.


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