Can you feel the “I am” that you are this moment?
Life is beautiful and fun. It need not be taken so seriously

Did you know that the word “atonement” means “at one”?

To atone (at-one) is to be at one, or in union. The word describes a state in which you no longer perceive yourself as separate from other people, from God, or from the universe.

Christians normally use the word to mean something like “confess your sins, humble yourself, come to church and acknowledge Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.” But this is not the real meaning of the word. This version is not even atonement because, to start with, a person using the word in this way is suggesting that we ought not to be at one with other faiths.  

The real meaning of the word points to real salvation. A person living in a state of atonement is honest about everything all the time and is no longer split into pieces. Here there is no perception of duality, no good versus evil, everything is one and is part of the greater good pervading everything.

Atonement is a state of being that is beyond thought and aligned with perfect love. Here there is no sin because sin is only the error of thinking and doing without love. 

To live in the state of atonement is to experience joy and peace as normal and ongoing. It is to respond to inspiration within, to live in such a way that you are wide open to people. You can easily experience whatever is happening externally because none of it has the power to shake you or bring you down.

To atone for your sins means to end the errors of ego and live at one, in truth. This is salvation, escape from ego, awakening to consciousness, or spiritual awakening—a state of union, oneness that is beyond all words and concepts.