How to recognize truth from illusion.
So we’ve come to a fork in the road

Chasing meaning where it cannot be found is the source of frustration and madness.

Yesterday, we learned about how the world of form contains nothing real or true because it is constantly changing. Yet we think certain things, certain concepts or affiliations, have meaning. This can only mean one thing: we assign meaning where there is none.

This is illusion-making, and what we give meaning almost seems to have it...but never quite. It is in this space of "never quite" that we suffer. Chasing meaning where it cannot be found is the source of frustration and madness.

We might believe in a particular religion, but this form never quite delivers true salvation. We might then place our faith in a political movement, but no party or government is going to solve the problems of mankind. We might chase wealth in an attempt to buy comfort or status, but this involves only great sacrifice. If we seek to fulfill inner needs in the dimension of form, we will only seek but not find.

But the world's faith in illusion is so strong that this is so rarely explained. We cling to these illusions, talk about them, celebrate them, build them up...always believing that other people have found the path to happiness in this way...that it is possible. To maintain this world of illusion, such dishonesty is a must.

We cling to all these illusions as though recognizing truth would leave us disillusioned, in despair. This is a complete misunderstanding of what truth is. Truth is love, beauty, inner peace, perfect health, fun, enjoyment. Everything we want is found only in truth. If there is any feeling of disillusionment, it is only the first step. After that, all the steps that follow are like walking the stairway to heaven.


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