Donald Trump is changing the course of history
Did you know that the word “atonement” means “at one”?

Can you feel the “I am” that you are this moment?

A spiritually awakened person is someone who has learned not to lose that connection with awareness each moment. Everything happening in any situation, any thoughts of past and future—this is all going on in the background of life. Front and center of your awareness is always the present moment—now.

Noticing everything around you—the sights, sounds, textures, colors—helps you to become more aware of now, but even this isn’t the ultimate reality of now. This is still the background.

Try it now. Look around the room for a few seconds. Can you feel this moment becoming more silent and still? Can you feel that here is all the power? Here exists all of reality, now and eternally.

Most people fail to seize the power of now because they are waiting for some imaginary point in the future. As Eckhart Tolle explains, “it is not uncommon for people to spend their whole life waiting to start living.”

The power of the present moment is also denied when we believe we are limited by the past. But the past is not here, and neither is the future. These are only ideas, concepts, and they are never exactly true because our minds cannot grasp the entirety of reality—which only exists here, now.

Some of the present reality is visible to you here, most of it is beyond your physical perception because it spans the entire universe. Always moving, but it is all here as we move and adjust with it…now…the only field where everything is happening, will happen, and ever has happened.

Join everyone in your life here. Stay here as you feel each movement, enjoy each step, notice each feeling inside you. Become aware of your breath and observe each thought. It isn’t your mind doing this. This is the real you—the conscious observer of your mind and your senses, who is inhabiting your body during life in this dimension.

Through a meditation practice and a basic spiritual practice, you can live in such a way that you are never pulled away from the present moment—the dimension where you are easily able to access all power. All the stuff of life will be allowed to happen, but now it is happening around you, for you, as you live in this peaceful stillness, greater comfort, and safety.

Here you are more effective, make better decisions, and get everything done calmly. No matter what you are doing, you never get worked up or pulled away from that natural state of joy. You never become ill and remain vital even into old age because your body is functioning properly. Here you are fully alive and unafraid even of death. Life is better here.