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Analysis of the Netflix documentary "The Social Dilemma". What is the real problem?

At the 3-minute mark in Netflix documentary “The Social Dilemma”, the narrator asks each of the guests, “What is the problem?” One by one, they are silent, speechless—as if looking for one word to describe the problem. There is a word to describe the real problem of social media. The word is “ego”.

The world is in the grip of ego. People use social media not to tell their truths or present an honest image; rather, to craft and project a false image. They use the tool not to strengthen bonds; rather, to be right or better than others. Furthermore, people become addicted to social media as an escape from lives of separation and loneliness.

When I was young, everyone was talking about the terrible effects of TV. We only had a few channels, with only a few shows that everybody watched. In different cultures around the world, TV shows determined what we talked about and defined the “normal” that we all tried to conform to at work and school. Yes, we were addicted, we were advertised to, and we fell for it. Isn’t social media only a continuation of this problem?

If anything, social media is less of a problem than the TV, newspaper, and radio. At least here we can express ourselves—reaching people with our art and ideas. Here we can form genuine relationships, reconnect with long lost friends and family, and efficiently stay updated on each other’s lives. If used wisely, the side-effects are minimal and there is no problem. The problem is that the ego is never wise.

Absent of ego, we approach social media with an open heart and mind. We share our truths unfiltered—showing real pictures and videos in the flow of life. We are perfectly open and honest about who we are. We come with the intention to love everyone, apologizing when we fail. The ego cannot do any of this, of course, and this is the problem. The problem is not the media; it is within.

Mainstream culture has gone completely insane. A normal flu is exposing the full extent of the insanity—and a large part of the problem is the 24/7, always-on social media that redistributes and dissects all the fear and thought-control coming from the centralized media and governments. But without ego, we remain absent of fear.

Without ego, the ads don’t persuade you and the algorithms can’t figure you out or trick you. Without ego, you are in control of your social media experience. You know that all authority flows from within and all wisdom and power flows from perfect love. But cling to ego and remain lost in fear, confusion, conflict, and isolation.

We can say the problem is social media; but no social media can be designed so well that it would save us from the problem of ego. Until the ego loses its grip, social media will amplify the problem and we can be glad that it does.

Only as a problem becomes increasingly obvious and unbearable are we inspired to fix it. The fix is the Consciousness Revolution, which will arise when the majority do what the few already have—transcend a meaningless life of suffering by destroying the ego.