I wanted to share a deeply meaningful conversation I had with a reader of this blog
The life review and the near-death experience

Reality ensures that nobody gets away with anything

Some people have been taught to believe that life is all about getting what you want. Theirs is a value system centered around one question: what benefits me?

So, they go through life trying to maximize what they get. In their work, they are less than honest and conceive of business models which are more about robbery than value creation. With enough dedication and sacrifice, they often achieve their hollow goals and amass a fortune.

The problem is, so much sacrifice on this path is needed that they lose themselves along the way. They play a false role all the time, which is exhausting and causes depression. Deep down, they also know that they are causing others to suffer—and for what purpose? After all, they are suffering too.

So, there is always this underlying, nagging feeling that they must atone, make things right, change everything. But they don’t; for this would be to lose everything they have sacrificed a lifetime for. The sad truth is that they have gained nothing at all and have sacrificed everything.

In relationships, they are so concerned with getting their way that they are willing to withhold honesty and truth, willing to manipulate others, willing to shame, blame, argue and attack. When their marriages fall apart, they continue to battle—doing whatever it takes to gain custody of the children and grab the money. The problem is, even when they get exactly what they want, they can never escape the nagging feeling that there are so many wrongs which must be made right.


You can claim the victory you thought you wanted, but if you do so in a way that is less than perfectly honest and perfectly fair, you then must live with the feeling that you need to apologize and make things right. That is an impossible burden to live with day after day, so life becomes hell.

Now it is clear why the thought system of “what benefits me” is fundamentally flawed. True success—the kind that can be fully enjoyed—can come only from a life rooted in perfect honesty and fairness. You give your best to others, which naturally inspires them to give their best back. In business and art, you create true value and beauty and get paid for it. In relationships, you give perfect freedom, understanding, acceptance and you are generous in every way. You are loved for it.

This is the trajectory of increasing abundance—true success that cannot be taken away from you and involves no suffering at any point. It also involves no sacrifice because this kind of life is so much fun. You can sleep perfectly at night and are free of stress because you have a conscious as pure as the white, driven snow.

This is only possible through the thought system of perfect love rather than “what benefits me.” Come here with a pure, open heart and a healed, open mind.