What does A Course in Miracles say about present moment awareness?
Insanity is the pandemic

On this planet, normal equals insane. (Eckhart Tolle)

“What is it that lies at the root of this insanity? Complete identification with thought and emotion—that is to say, ego.”

What is insanity? A disease of the mind—the psychological state of someone who has emotional or behavioral problems. An insane mind believes that it is you—and that it, and its’ thought systems, its’ beliefs, and its’ institutional affiliations comprise the highest and only authority.

Never mind that a person in the grip of ego is often depressed, gets mad, acts out, argues, attacks, and brings all kinds of toxic, negative energy into any situation. Never mind that there is always this stress, anxiety, frequent illness, poor health, and ongoing suffering on some level. Never mind that the thought systems, beliefs, and viewpoints frequently change. Never mind that the ego’s strategies always fail and freedom, love and happiness are always illusive.

Success is always just around the corner. Sacrifice more. Work harder. Do whatever it takes to get ahead. If only this would change, that would go away, this person would apologize…if only the entire world would be different from how it is…then I could finally be happy.

Yes, this is insanity. And it is completely normal in this world. There is a different way to live. It is the recognition of unconditional love as supreme (not your thoughts), the embrace of the present moment as all there is, and the acceptance of reality as reality. In other words, awakening.

The awakened mind is aligned with wisdom and truth. It is no longer dysfunctional or, when it occasionally is, then you (the real you, consciousness itself, the observer of the thoughts) can recognize the dysfunction and let it go.

So, the choice is this: you can either be normal or you can have lasting happiness. But you can’t have both. The way isn’t hard, but it is very different.


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