Because it is so painful for the ego to be honest about itself, it cannot deal with the truth of any situation.
If you get sick...

It is impossible to place equal faith in opposite directions. (A Course in Miracles)

People pretend that they are rational; yet what guides everything we think, say, and do is our faith.

Some believe in a specific religion, some in consumerism or materialism as the source of happiness, some in romantic relationships as the primary source of salvation, some in a political party or ideology, some in higher education, riches, or social status.

Some believe in their racial identity, nationality, or country. Others believe in fear, in the reality of sickness, in a world that is a dangerous and depressing place, and that people cannot be trusted.

Nobody is unbiased and rational. We are all operating on faith. The reason nobody can agree is that we place our faith in thousands of different false idols which are unreal; then we try to make them real by convincing everyone else of their reality.

The world can only come together in peace when we place our faith in the only thought system which is true and beyond debate: love. With full faith in love, we can fully accept our differences, we can allow one another the right to be free and to experience our lives as we are meant to. We can have fun and help one another through any suffering. We can discuss all kinds of ideas, do all kinds of things, and use all kinds of words and language, always with an open heart and mind and without judgment.

Do you believe in love? If so, believe in it fully. If you place your faith in multiple directions, then your faith is not in love and you are confused. You don’t have to change anything about your affiliations, your relationships, or your profession or lifestyle. You need only humble yourself to the reality of love, learn and adopt its thought system, and I promise you all will be well for you, eternally.