On this planet, normal equals insane. (Eckhart Tolle)
Life changes when you stop agreeing to everything that is harming you

Insanity is the pandemic

The so-called flu pandemic is really just a normal flu. In 2017, for example, 2.6 million people in the world died from pneumonia. Something like a third of them were children. This happens every year and, tragic as every death is, this has always been considered normal.

In 2020, some small percentage of that number died from pneumonia caused by this particular strain of the flu. When all is said and done, this year's pneumonia deaths may be no worse than any other year. Yet we have gone mad, destroyed the economy, undone personal liberties, and become a global society of chaos and dysfunction.

It is just plain sad. So much insanity everywhere. Of course, it isn't just COVID. Our interaction in public, with businesses and other institutions, is false and dehumanizing. We are constantly treated as suspects. There is no respect or dignity in all of public life. For many, this rampant dysfunction has infected our personal lives.

If I could help it, I would never set foot in a store or any indoor public place ever again. The public indoors has become hell. I would opt out of all institutions, including the government. I would, instead, fill every moment, every dimension of my life with people who know what love is. There would be more of these people than I could count, and I would love them forever with my whole heart. Insanity could certainly not exist there.